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#Hillary #Clinton's #War #Record - #100% For #Genocide :: #Hillary #Clinton-ista at it again is she.??

Hillary Clinton not only supported the push for war in Iraq, she voted for the invasion. And she has vowed that it will continue.

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What the Secret Service Has to Say About #Hillary #Clinton | The Daily Sheeple

“No one would hire such a person to work at a McDonald’s, and yet she is being considered for president of the United States.”

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The Whore Of Babylon

Zimbabwe: Vice President Accused Of Plot To Kill Robert Mugabe, Stirred Rumors By Mugabe's Wife Grace

Of course, it’s very typical in a totalitarian government to begin purging those in the government whom are your foe’s allies with the spokesman of the ruling party of Zimbabwe being… 104 more words

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Bwahahaha, Democrats Blame Republicans For Ebola Crisis But....

…their union pals are upset over the protocols used to help the Liberian national whom was in the Dallas hospital, well we could see more nurses’ unions across this country start to protest than to care more about the sick. 16 more words

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So Unions Want 15 Dollars Per Hour, Single Payer Healthcare But....

…when there is a real emergency that threatens the lives of every man, woman and child like Ebola or anything else that’s equally dire they get up and quit. 30 more words

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Backing Underdogs Will Destroy Civilization

But the Democrats and the RINO, “Libertarian” Republicans are the ones whom are following that message in supporting the underdogs.  Think about it, twice in a row that a pro-Communist, pro-Nazi, pro-Muslim President Barack Obama was elected twice only to possibly succeed on the Republican side by Rand Paul if Hillary doesn’t get it her way.   114 more words

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