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Clio Bas Prestige RHT Stockings

Who else loves a bit of RHT? If you didn’t know before, RHT stands for the following:

R: Reinforced
H: Heels
T: Toes

These tend to be on 100% nylon stockings (or known as vintage stockings) where they have these built into them to give that gorgeous retro look. 915 more words


180625 f(Krystal) = CLIO Facebook Update [1P]

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Community Activists' Truck Painted With Swastikas, Racial Slur in Vienna Township

VIENNA TOWNSHIP (AP) – Authorities in Genesee County are investigating after a black man woke up to find swastikas and slashed tires on his pickup truck. 138 more words


Pegi Gugenhajm: Uzbudljiv život ekstravagantne kolekcionarke

Umesto muzike: Peggy Guggenheim Museum

Tokom leta ritam je sporiji, manje se misli i planira, a više uživa u slastima života, baš kao u zrelim kajsijama…  Leti više pažnje posvećujemo sebi, udovoljavamo svom duhu, radoznalosti, željama… Pa možda odatle i potreba da se izmestimo, zavučemo u prijatnu hladovinu, i uz omiljeno štivo izgubimo u čudesnim svetovima mašte…  Tim povodom, današnji post posvećujemo jednoj nesvakidašnjoj biografiji o kolekcionarki čiji život je bio sve, samo ne dosadan. 869 more words

Macaroons And Little Joys

Clio Kill Cover Conceal Cushion Demo, Wear Test & Review

I used this almost every day for over a month. There are both pros and cons about this cushion which I explain in the video. As also mentioned, I was using this in shade 21. 31 more words


180612 f(Krystal) = CLIO Promotional Pics [2P]

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Book Look!

Hi Peoples!

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. I have been slammed with rehearsals for shows and end of the year activities like the recital for my dance company (I have 8 dances), school projects, and catching up on some reading that really needed to be done. 236 more words