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[2016 Clio awards] Lowe’s social innovation campaign ( [2016 클리오 광고제 수상작] 주택 용품 업체 로우스의 혁신적인 소셜 캠페인)

모바일 및 소셜 미디어 사용률이 급증하면서 최근 이를 이용한 마케팅 기법이 많이 활용되고 있다.  단편적이지만 비교적 상당한 비용이 투자되어야 하는 오프라인 캠페인보다는 온라인 상에서의 소셜 미디어 캠페인이 보다 더 많은 공중에게 도달하고 더 큰 파장 효과를 낼 가능성이 높기 때문에 바이럴 마케팅에 ‘소셜 미디어’ 활용이 필수적이라고도 한다.

Consumer Psychology

Moms in Tech

Last week, I had an opportunity to volunteer at Girls Learning Code here at Vancouver that was held at Clio. It was such an amazing and inspiring day seeing how enthusiastic the girls (the future developers) were learning how to program a game using… 867 more words


Say Hi to Eyeliners 

Hi people

I went crazy yesterday because I broke my one and only eyeliner from Maybelline. Don’t ask me how I broke it but I broke it. 339 more words


Liquid Pen Eyeliner

As I live in Seoul, South Korea my blog is mostly going to focus on Korean brands and what I can pick up easily here. 281 more words


Backgrounds for Flat Dogs

The (Verisimilitude & Moxie) book project continues with work on pages and pages of backgrounds, sketches and doo-dads! Flat dogs and words to be added at a later stage. 32 more words


Presenting at the WVLA Annual Conference 2016: Dr. David Trowbridge

Dr. David Trowbridge is an Associate Professor in the Department of History and Director of African and African- American Studies at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia.  368 more words

Tuesday Twigs: Creative Muses

Everyone should be listening to their muse and expressing outwardly their creative juices.  Too often we do not.

I thought today to climb around in my family tree looking for ways that my ancestors expressed the creative.  596 more words