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Let's talk :Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer

If you’re on the hunt for a good concealer, you might want to try Clio’s Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer. I was watching one of Youtuber’s Pony makeup tutorials when she was using Clio’s Kill Cover Pro Artist Stick Concealer that I decided to check out their range. 82 more words


Cats as true moral validators.....LOL!

Well, all this motivational moral verbal chaff of hard work,  PC culture and closets…Nothing like your home grown fur to attest to their real value in an every day application. 142 more words


The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home, by Naomi Alderman and Margaret Atwood

This story is actually quite wonderful, even if zombies aren’t really your thing. It’s narrated alternatively between Okie, an eighteen year old girl, and Clio, her inimitable grandmother. 219 more words

Book Review

First Impressions: Clio's Kill Cover Collection (3 in 1!)

Okay, I like full coverage. I, solemnly, admit that I do. So, when an entire collection like Clio’s Kill Cover is out there, I’m a goner. 765 more words


Lazo catches up with the Muses - and captures the moon

By Andrew Lazo

Do you ever find yourself so busy doing that you have no time to muse? Such is my recent dilemma.

I have clearly done the Muses deep disservice these last couple months. 882 more words


Lippy oh so fine

Was just taking my time strolling at Watsons the other day and chanced upon this lippy by Clio. Pardon the image grab since I didnt take a picture of it at Watsons. 266 more words

Cameron Blouse

70% cotton & 30% silk blouse with pom poms at front placket in Garden Floral and Multi Color. Matching Clio shorts and blue plaid Katie scarf.