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Father's Day Clip Art

BEEN THINKING OF LEAVING ETSY, or at least trying to find a new place to sell my digital goods. Not sure if I would like to sell from my own shop, my own website or get the plug-in for WordPress and get upgraded to a business account. 42 more words

Digital Art

Lego education. Yay or nay??

When I started homeschooling I was all set for traditional schooling . Oh boy how wrong was I??

My kids hated the ” school” at home. 206 more words


Teach your children how to deal with emergencies the best they can.

Two days ago we had a situation where we witnessed a child nearly drowning.  The 3 year old fell in the pool and he struggled for breath, his poor mother watched in horror as he was gasping for air. 331 more words


I'm a Unicorn! Why we embrace the differences and free printable!

We like playing a game with the kids called “guess what animal I’m thinking about”. It’s a simple game when one person thinks about a specific animal and the others ask questions which can only have a “yes” or “no” answer. 610 more words


Knowing who you are -a simple geography lesson

Come on ask my children where they are from. You may get more than one answer, living the expat life means we travelled and lived in more than one continent. 166 more words

How to keep them motivated

Hand on heart we can all relate to that problem…right??

I won’t believe for a split of a second that you have never hit the rock bottom… 321 more words

Why do we try so hard?

The day that I realised the fact I was trying to hard I was lying on the beach watching my children play in the sand. 453 more words