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Day 11. 30 Days of Biking

Flat pedal, clipless pedal: You decide.


There are nine or ten bikes in the basement. (Hey! I sold the Dahon!) Some have flat pedals; some have Shimano SPD pedals. 339 more words


Flat earth theory

My wife rides a road bike with flat pedals. It’s interesting to watch how people react to that. Rather, it’s interesting how reactions are so uniform. 598 more words


The clipless diaries, part 8: SPD cleat setup and adjustment

So I wrote about my new pair of Shimano MT5 shoes, and mentioned that I had already set up my cleat positioning. Here’s how I went about doing it. 492 more words


The clipless diaries, part 7: Shimano MT5 mountain touring shoes

I’ve had my Shimano RT33 road touring shoes for a while now, and they’ve held up very well in all sorts of riding – from the turbo trainer, to the commute, to long rides, and… 690 more words


All Grown Up

I started cycling about 50 years ago. My family of six used to ride around town together. People said we looked like Disney on Parade! We had a variety of bikes and you just grabbed one to go with.  531 more words

Thinking Out Loud