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Oster Fast Feed

Oster Fast Feed was my very first pair of clippers that started my whole journey of barbering. I began cutting hair when i was 15 years old, when i was told by my mother she was not going to continue to pay for my haircuts anymore because i was old enough to get a job to pay for them. 167 more words

Working Zen Retreat, May 18--20

Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water;
after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.

People often think of Zen meditation as something done sitting on a cushion in a sparse room, but in some traditions of training, meditation is considered to be manual labor. 638 more words


Report: Kawhi Leonard expected to miss playoffs as Clippers eye trade

The oddest saga in the NBA continues.

Kawhi Leonard’s injury woes continue to be the source of much speculation, not just for San Antonio Spurs fans but around the league. 619 more words

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Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers

On April 13, 2018 the Los Angeles Lakers faced the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staple Center Sports Arena in Los Angeles. This is the arena of both teams but this time the Clippers were home and the Lakers were away. 454 more words

Thank You, Doc.

This past summer, the Los Angeles Clippers brought on Jerry West as a front office consultant, promoted Frank Lawrence to President of Basketball Operations, and relieved head coach Doc Rivers of his front office position. 555 more words


Former Clippers tell it like it is about Doc and Austin Rivers

Last summer, a report came out indicating that Chris Paul was unhappy with how the Los Angeles Clippers were being run by coach and president of basketball operations… 651 more words


The cases for and against keeping DeAndre Jordan.

DeAndre Jordan. One of the three greatest Clippers of all time. This summer Jordan has a player option and could choose to stay with the Clippers or take his elite skill set elsewhere. 536 more words