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Butterfly Cinquain 7


burgeon as

year waxes, I transplant

nine young sunflowers into pots,


rich compost firmly with gloved hands

and watering them in.

Looking forward – … 30 more words

Freya Pickard


The first single to come from Clipping’s forthcoming LP ‘Splendor & Misery’ was ‘Baby Don’t Sleep‘; an arrestingly breakneck introduction to the “adystopian, Afrofuturist concept album” from which it’s lifted. 138 more words

New Music

Butterfly Cinquain 6


swerves in mid-air

grasps hold of bare branch and

wobbles, sways to and fro, trying

to get

his balance without his black tail.

Watches me with pale eye, 9 more words

Freya Pickard

Butterfly Cinquain 5


trees softened by

both rain and emerging

leaf. The landscape undulates and

sways in

a green-touched prevailing wind from

the south. Yellow- green now… 10 more words

Freya Pickard

Butterfly Cinquain 4

beads of

moisture on blade

of grass, scent of dampness

permeates the misty air, rain –

drops fall,

soft and mild on earth and leaf, as… 16 more words

Freya Pickard

Butterfly Cinquain 3


high above me,

two sets of outstretched wings,

brown feathers transparent, sunlit –

quick flap

and they attain updraft, soaring

in circles above each… 9 more words

Freya Pickard