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Lady Bits

Let’s be honest about female anatomy!

This is the best place I can think of to start because it is very common for people to know surprisingly little about the female genitalia. 401 more words


Erotic Phalaenopsis

Such delicious tension
In the essence of orchid.
The intensity to every petal
stem and leaf
move me, as this being
arches, strains and grows, 68 more words


Things i never knew...

i was masturbating and having orgasms long before i connected it with the word for orgasm.

i was having orgasms long before i knew there was a clitoris. 533 more words


Sex, a slap & falling in and out of love

Fucking lazy. That’s what I’ve been since my last post in regards to writing. I’ve thought about it everyday; thought about sex everyday and thought ‘get it down on fucking paper ’. 1,018 more words


Introducing: The Womanizer

Ladies, there is a new product that I want to tell you all about called the Womanizer. (Yes, I know that the name is a bit of a turn off). 245 more words

Come again?: Click Bait and the Female Orgasm

So I was on the Twitter wasting time before I waste more time (because I’m on a semi-staycation motherfuckers!) and I saw a tweet that said something about “things I know for giving her the big O”. 528 more words

Life Coaching


i m always in my damn head
you know how it goes

thoughts about work and thoughts about debts
anxiety and guilt and thoughts about my mother s tits… 296 more words