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It's F*cking Science: We Should All Be Taking Masturbation Breaks At Work

You know you’re not supposed to sit at a desk for 8+ hours a day, guzzle coffee and/or soda, eat a takeout lunch, get super-aggravated by messages from your colleagues, snack on junk at 3 pm, etc. 356 more words


Travestis y Transexuales bien dotadas

Travestis y Transexuales bien dotadas
Travestis y Transexuales bien dotadas

En esta primera parte de Travestis y Transexuales bien dotadas puedes deleitarte con mujeres muy bellas y lo mejor con un buen paquete en medio de sus piernas, esa gran sorpresa que muchos desearían …-http://xxxtakoneseroticos.com/travestis-transexuales-bien-dotadas/

What Orgasmic Dysfunction Is And How To Treat It

Orgasmic dysfunction (Anorgasmia) is a sexual issue that affects women. It is when a woman has difficulties to reach an orgasm even though she is sexually excited. 362 more words

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warning: locker-room talk

If I

touch myself,

and tell,

I’m a pervert,

a man

whose hand

needs an exorcist,

scolds the public,

lewdness, unless

I flaunted… 41 more words


Educate yourself about the Sexual Response Cycle and improve your sex life

The Sexual Response Cycle (SRC) is a series of emotional and physical phases that happen when a person is sexually stimulated. The full cycle can be experienced not only with classic vaginal penetration but also with masturbation, oral sex or manual stimulation by a sex partner or even with a fantasy. 620 more words

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Men Are From Mars, Women From Venus, But There's Not Much Difference Between A Vagina And A Penis

Andrew Siegel MD 12/10/2016

What is it that most distinguishes a male from a female? The obvious answer is the genitals, with the penis/scrotum having a vastly different appearance from a vagina/vulva.   909 more words

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The Clitoral Curse

From Bhindi Bazaar, to Bohra Mohallah
Strokes the street with blood, that collage of faith
Which holds hostage, holy virgins of Allah
To the rites of passage; its sinister wraith… 135 more words