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top reasons why she can't cum.

female orgasm is a science: and not an exact one at that. if you’ve ever doubted that she really came (or maybe she flat out told you), don’t bang your head against the wall. 382 more words

Sexy Articles.

A new study on female orgasms proves Freud wrong once and for all.

In his ‘Three Essays on the theory of Sexuality’ Sigmund Freud argued that there were two types of female orgasms – vaginal and clitoral – the latter of which was seen as ‘infantile and immature’. 265 more words


I Took A Needle To The Clit For Better Orgasms


When Smooth Synergy medispa invited me to have a needle injected into my clitoris last February, I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t say no directly. 692 more words

You Do You

The Human Clitoris is An Object of Beauty, Pleasure and Intrigue

It seems remarkable to me that well into the twenty-first century we still have so much to learn about many parts of the human body. 919 more words

Human Evolution

Strange Bedfellows, part 2.

I clocked out of work, picked up my bag and walked to the front of the mall.  My new friend was waiting for me and as the valet brought her Escalade up to the door, she handed me the keys. 523 more words

No orgasm ever

After several months of misdiagnosis and eventually a biopsy the mystery is over I have vuvlar cancer. We were kind of prepared for this but still it was hard to take. 282 more words

My Journey





  • Throughout history, knowledge of the clitoris has been suppressed
    • 1947 – clitoris taken out of Gray’s Anatomy (good history of clitoris research and public discourse – http://projects.huffingtonpost.com/cliteracy/history)
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