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work the clit.

most women find it very difficult to orgasm without clitoral stimulation. if you ask any woman how she masturbates, rarely will she say “by shoving an 8 inch dildo in and out of my pussy.” no, we just do that kind of shit for show ;). 314 more words

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Why The Vagina Monologues?

(This was written directly following last year’s production.)

After completing my 3rd year of directing, producing, and acting in The Vagina Monologues, I’ve been reflecting on why I chose to pursue this volunteer venture, and what it means to me.  1,112 more words


G Spot: how to increase the size and recover the sensitivity.

Nearly 60 years of his “discovery”, the G-spot is still debate on whether there is or not. The truth is that it exists and medicine found a way to boost their function, through the application of hyaluronic acid.

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Ladies!!! Learn The 6 AMAZING Things You Didn’t Know About Your Clitoris

We all know that the climax is elusive for many women and that a woman’s clitoris is the secret key to unlocking her s*xual pleasure. In fact, the clitoris’ sole purpose is your pleasure, but what else do we know about it? 455 more words


7 claves para acariciar el clítoris #SexTips

Es la zona con mayores terminaciones nerviosas en el cuerpo femenino y con el  único objetivo de ofrecer placer, pero el clítoris es para muchos un misterio. 420 more words


Wanker Magnet.

(Photo courtesy of Joy Farrell)

There are many reasons why I’ll be glad when it’s Friday. Not only because that’s when my husband and my Mum arrive in Antigua, but also it means my labia will no longer resemble chopped liver from riding my bike everywhere on very uneven roads and tracks. 1,309 more words


The LILY™ 2 is a Girl’s New Best Friend

Move over diamonds! Us girls have a new best friend!  Allow me to introduce you to LELO’s newest clitoral stimulator, the LILY™ 2!  When I was asked to review the LILY™ 2, I immediately became intrigued.   468 more words