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How to Make Sure She’s Enjoying Sex Just As Much As You Are

Sex won’t feel as extraordinary for her as you think: After studying almost 6,700 British ladies, UK analysts found that 1 in 13 of them revealed feeling physical agony amid sex. 436 more words


Hi friends. I’ve been hesitant to write this post for a while because taboo? Awkwardness? Idk. But i don’t care, I made this blog to be able to write whatever I want and help people, and I am doing that today. 1,165 more words


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Scientists still complain and explain away the clitoris

It isn’t a vestige, it’s more developed than the penis. Look it up.
Not everything is about your dick. Really.


So jealous.
I’ve spoken to plenty of men with heavy jealousy over not having one, it’s silly. 301 more words


Orgasm Equality

By Olivia Comstock

In this essay I am going to be talking about orgasms specific to people who have a vagina and clitoris, there are people who do not identify as female who experience these kind of orgasms from this anatomy, so I am going to refrain from using gendered terms as much as possible. 913 more words

15 Surprising Facts & Myths That Can Help You Understand A Woman's Clitoris Better

​Women don’t typically talk about their “erections.” But when she’s sexually aroused, her clitoris stiffens and grows larger—just like your erect penis, says Vincenzo Puppo, Ph.D., of Italy’s Centro Italiano di Sessuologia. 1,933 more words


The Female Orgasm

For the most part, men have a much easier time achieving orgasm. This is largely because their sex organs are on the outside and are easily accessed. 995 more words