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Snippets - Amor veneris 1

My clit is bigger than its outer parts. Rather than a tiny phallus concealed between the folds of labia and skin, it spreads under the skin and into my flesh, and I can feel it rising towards my pelvis, and its little tendrils  spreading along, inside and around my vulva and perineum. 73 more words

Dreaming a little deeper

This afternoon my moon center moved into my clitoris. Hello deep reflection and intimacy. I’m still hazy from an intense afternoon nap — often on the cycles my center shifts midday I find myself more tired. 365 more words


The Throb

The first time I remember feeling pain was when I was 17.  Two things happened that year that indicated this condition (though I hesitate to call them its start — this is one of those disorders that could exist without one knowing for some time it if it’s not triggered by physical activity). 355 more words


Le clitoris, walking and talking and a better hairdresser

The clitoris animation.

Walking and talking to mum on my way to my haircut. I was in a really good mood.

Getting a different hairdresser. 9 more words

How High Is Your V.I.Q. (Vaginal Intelligence Quotient)?

Andrew Siegel MD  6/17/2017

You may know your I.Q., but do you know your V.I.Q.?  Let’s begin with a test of your knowledge of lady parts and determine your “Vaginal Intelligence Quotient” or V.I.Q.   1,350 more words

Andrew Siegel MD

Fuck Clitorises

Apparently a talent for oral sex does the ego good. Them’s the rules, because approximately 86.56% of the men I’ve shagged have bragged about their pussy-eating prowess. 342 more words

A Hint Of Vanilla