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I'm Too Excited To Wait!

I commissioned my daughter to draw these for me, and even though I wanted to write a blog post about it, (I still will!) I was just too excited when I got them that I just couldn’t wait to share these gorgeous drawings with you all. 15 more words

The Magic of the Vibrator - Don't Be Intimidated

A Vibrator is a Man’s Best Friend

Buying a Sex Toy is a Rite of Passage in a Relationship

I remember when I bought a vibrator for my girlfriend. 403 more words

Sex Techniques

Excision: ambiguité matriarcale

Excision : ambiguité matriarcale

Grüß Gott !

Khady, militante et mutilée, lutte contre les mutilations génitales féminines.

Youtube.com / Contre les violences faites aux femmes / Excision / Khady Koïta / Audio / 2012 / Internet: … 1,115 more words

'Solo' Gives Us Star Wars' First Clitoris Joke, And Gets A Bit Weird With Race

‘Solo’ was a solidly enjoyable adventure film. In fact, ‘Solo’ is basically what the original ‘Star Wars’ would have been if it was made today. There are some issues, though, most of which come from my nerdy background. 1,960 more words

Crude Reviews

2 Simple Things You Should Know To Give The Best Oral Sex

A while ago the internet was abuzz over an article written by a man as to why he refuses to go down on women, as result of a bad experience on his first attempt. 922 more words

The Day I Lost My Clitoris

My faith, succumbed to, Satan’s curse
Which sowed, in me, the ‘bud of sin’
How found mullahs, in Allah’s verse
My perdition, down to, inch of skin! 97 more words


Stronger Clitoral Orgasm - Combine Lick and Touch

A Simple Technique

I Discovered Foreplay Gold

This is just a technique I tried the other day, and it worked beyond anything I expected. It technically could work with any pair of approaches that can be done at once, but I used licking and touching. 165 more words

Sex Techniques