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Mayo es para principiantes

Dicen que Mayo es el mes de la masturbación. Yo digo que la masturbación es asunto de TODOS los días.


She Requires No Foreplay During the Second Sexual Interlude

I had an extended period of separation from a woman who I initially had sex with on our first date due to insurmountable barriers as opposed to voluntary separation on both of our parts. 169 more words

Satisfying A Woman Sexually

Prone to Clitoral Orgasms

I partook in vagina sex with one particular woman for a good twenty to 25-minutes (sometimes I am up for such extensive bouts), yet she did not orgasm. 171 more words

Satisfying A Woman Sexually

Oral Sex: A Light Glazing of the Tongue


I had an epiphany as far as oral sex is concerned during a two week period on account of the fact that I experienced sexual interludes with two women that were not as highly stimulated by my usual mode of action in oral sex. 118 more words

Satisfying A Woman Sexually

The Overdue, Under-Told Story Of The Clitoris / The Huffington Post

Originally written by Carina Kolodny and Amber Genuske for The Huffington Post. Published on May 18th, 2015.

From ancient history to the modern day, the clitoris has been discredited, dismissed and deleted — and women’s pleasure has often been left out of the conversation entirely. 365 more words


Clit vs. Penis: A Rap Battle

Watch this video from the Cliteracy serise from Huffington Post.

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What do Cliteracy and Erotic Fiction have in common?

I’ve just read the Huffington Post online project #CLITERACY . I have to admit, as I read the article, I was astonished to discover that the medical profession had deleted the clitoris from the main textbook… 470 more words