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Caroline’s Toy Chest Issue 2*

Happy Thursday! If you’re in the States and still dealing with snow this late in April, I’ve got something that’s sure to heat things up. 544 more words

Couple Play


Clitoris: (n) a small sensitive and erectile part of the female genitals

Honestly, I think Webster should have defined “clitoris” as “women’s intuition.”

For years we have touted that the female of the human species seems to possess some great insight or sensibility about coming affairs. 193 more words

C Words

Loving Cunts Unconditionally- An Affirmation

Cunts are beautiful.

They come in different sizes, shapes, shades of color, hairstyles, hairless, fat, skinny, long, and short.

No matter what you were taught, or people opinions, accept the fact that cunts are incredible, tasty, naturally scented, self-cleaning, female external genital with a sensational lubricating canal that connects to the outside world. 239 more words


A trip down the Vagina

Something interesting happened last week. I wrote this blog about the vagina and send it to my husband/editor. He said it made him nauseous and decided to edit the… 961 more words


Sexbeing on fire

Today I’m a live-wire

Dribbling the heat…

That your balls will soon be shooting

March Madness indeed

So pull up a seat

Use your hand… 62 more words


​South Africa: 'Clitoris Collector' Sentenced to Life in Prison

Danish national Peter Frederiksen, who was arrested after 21 clitorises were found in his freezer, has been sentenced to two life terms in prison for rape and conspiracy to commit murder. 237 more words

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Toys and Tongues

And with this Seraphina went to the dresser she had dedicated entirely to her toy collection. And returning once again to Sophie, she displayed her selections one after the other. 371 more words

Egg Vibrator