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#Art of Fantasy 99 (Legends): Manuel Sanjulian

Born in 1941 in Barcelona, Manuel Sanjulián started his career illustrating comics for Josep Toutain’s art agency Selecciones Ilustrades. During the 1970s Sanjulián illustrated a couple of movie adaptations and a comic serial in… 459 more words



So it’s ten o’clock and I’m sitting here in my trench, sick to my stomach, stinking of smoke and last week’s sweat and weed and coffee and bad breath and I need to make some money but not got a lot left to trade from what I started out with and pissed away along the road, all those uphill miles and the cowardly decisions and the wishful thinking hollow as a cracked bell. 325 more words

Film A Week Podcast Episode 8: "Hellraiser" - The Lost Halloween Episode

In this lost Halloween episode special from about a month ago, hosts Serg Beret and Patrick Raissi enter the world of the greatest pains and pleasures of man with “Hellraiser.” 157 more words


The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

When it comes to films based on novels and short stories, there are going to be elements that we, the audience will not like. No matter how big or small of a change, it will not please a few of us. 613 more words