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Believe me. Sometimes when life looks to be at its grimmest, there’s a light hidden at the heart of things.  — Clive Barker, Arabat


The Scarlet Gospels by Clive Barker (a book review)

One of the main characters in The Scarlet Gospels is a character first found in Clive Barker’s earlier novella, The Hellbound Heart, upon which the… 309 more words


A short review of "Hellraiser: Deader" (2005)

Believe it or not, “Hellraiser: Deader” (2005) surprised me at first for being unexpectedly good for the seventh film in a franchise.  We’ve got a detailed, original, creative horror story setup, we’ve got some quite good makeup effects, and we’ve got Romania as a great atmospheric location.  150 more words

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth Review

I have mixed feelings about Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. I would consider this to be the first in a long list bad sequels. Yet, moments of this film are essential to the… 736 more words


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Summer Vacation, Day Two

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, nice and relaxing.  Today – rain, thunder, potential for hail and tornadoes! A great day to take care of boring house stuff like filing the bills, and also for sitting on the porch, listening to the rain, while reading a good book. 140 more words


Turning to the Light

If you’re black and American, or simply a human who values the lives of other humans equally, it’s been a horrific week. I’ve said plenty on Twitter, so I won’t revisit here, but know that the malignancy of American racism flourishes in the hearts you’d least expect it and almost nothing is done to curtail it. 634 more words