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Watch and read/read and watch

As well as catching up on past TV gems and unwatched DVDs, I intended in my retirement to catch up on my reading, too, but most of the books I have been carrying around with me of late have been about….TV! 1,365 more words

Alan Sepinwall

Clive on Climate

Mass Death Dies Hard

Clive James

When you tell people once too often that the missing extra heat is hiding in the ocean, they will switch over to watch Game of Thrones, where the dialogue is less ridiculous and all the threats come true. 94 more words

Triumph and Disaster

Triumph and Disaster – Five Historical Miniatures
By Stefan Zweig
Pushkin Press – £9.99

Enthusiasm, unlike a pickle/Does not keep well, but may prove fickle. 337 more words


New Yorker poems 7/10 & 7/17 2017: on wrecking balls & trumpets

Andrea Cohen – Wrecking Ball 

Its offices are thin
air. On days off

Read rest of poem 

Clive James – A Heritage of Trumpets… 33 more words

Clive James: secret lyricist!

Aussie broadcaster Clive James is highly respected for a body of work that spans quirky ‘chat shows’, travel documentaries, TV criticism, opinion pieces, volumes of autobiography, social and cultural commentary and critically-acclaimed poetry. 263 more words


Clive James on the failure of the Global Warming story

This article has been mentioned all over the conservative and climate sceptic blogosphere. Most of the links had it behind a paywall, this link is open… 146 more words

American Politics

Book Review: Play All: A Bingewatcher's Notebook by Clive James

Once upon time, conversations about TV used to be like this:

“Did you see Neighbours yesterday?”

“Yes, I saw most of it. Bouncer had a dream…” And so on. 485 more words

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