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Dare to make a choice

Today, room Whareiti started a new course with local police educators, constable Max and Sarah. Today’s lesson focused on – What do I know and what do I need to know about drugs? 20 more words

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Flax work - Maori

Today we had a member of our local Maori community, Melissa Reiri, come to our class and help teach us some plaiting (whiri) with flax (harakeke) to make flowers (puti puti).

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Using speech marks - writing

In class today we’ve been learning to use speech marks. I used the video below to help teach how to use speech marks.

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Black Bull - writing

Here’s what Ashantae wrote while describing the character Black Bull, the horse in the short animation clip, the Dragon Slayer. This is her first go at using a variety of adjectives to draw in and maintain the reader’s interest. 86 more words

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Dragon Slayer - writing

As part of our writing unit, we’ve been learning how to :

  • recognise and use complex adjectives and adverbs
  • recognise and use language features in our writing…
  • 31 more words
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Will a paper towel stay dry in water?- Science

In class we’ve been learning how to write up science experiments using a scientific process. Below was our first go. It was a good start. 133 more words

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Making 3 - mathematics

To make mathematics more interesting I’ve introduced maths tricks Thursday. Every Thursday I’ll introduce a maths trick to show how cool maths can be. Students can then use these tricks (formulas) to impress their friends. 49 more words

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