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Will a paper towel stay dry in water?- Science

In class we’ve been learning how to write up science experiments using a scientific process. Below was our first go. It was a good start. 133 more words

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Making 3 - mathematics

To make mathematics more interesting I’ve introduced maths tricks Thursday. Every Thursday I’ll introduce a maths trick to show how cool maths can be. Students can then use these tricks (formulas) to impress their friends. 49 more words

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Gmail in Whareiti

I’ve just created gmail accounts for all the students in Whareiti. It’s a great opportunity for the students in the class to explore the applications in the Google suite. 30 more words

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Meet class Whareiti

Together we start term two. Meet class Whareiti. They’re a year 7 & 8 class at Woodville School.

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Greetings #3 – Spanish

In our Spanish lesson today, we have been learning more greetings. We are using Spanish lessons with Paco. Main ideas covered today:

Main ideas covered: 50 more words

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Whareroa farm visit

As part of our study of water we visited Whareroa farm. We looked at water catchments and did stream studies to look at what lives in the stream. 45 more words

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Give me four clues - problem solving

Can you solve the problem below?

I am thinking of a number between 1 and 100. What’s my number? 

Look at the eight clues below. 138 more words

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