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My hands are circuit boards, lines inked like solder

to connect all the dots. A map of who I am

woven into a cloak so you can’t see me at all… 53 more words


The Cloak, part 4

Before I started hemming, I needed to decide on the final front closure. Since I’m cheap and like to use what I have on hand whenever I can, I chose to make a frog using black satin rat tail. 541 more words



At the beginning of programs that we attend, we often hear Hadith-e-Kisa (The Story of the Cloak). But for our kids, if they’ve only ever heard this story in Arabic, then they have no idea what they are listening to. 256 more words



Place was everything. She wrapped her surroundings around herself like a cloak, wore the color of the forest in her eyes and felt the grim expression of the cracked mountains play at the corners of her mouth. 244 more words


Read hadith : know hadith

Read hadith and know hadith to yourself

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem

Narrated Abbas bin Tamim from his uncle who said , “The Prophet invoked Allah for rain and offered a two Rakat prayer and he put his cloak inside out . 89 more words

An 18th Century Short Cloak - Construction

This project was one of the “UFOs” that I mentioned in my post about my plans for 2018. I was able to finish it quite quickly, which was nice. 652 more words

18th Century

Gleeman Cloak - Base

Hello all! With JordanCon quickly approaching, I decided I would do a few posts leading up to the convention with details of the costume I am creating for the event. 242 more words

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