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Matthew 9:18-22, Matthew 14:22-33, Hebrews 11:6

If you’ve read The New Testament, then you know faith is important.  Early on in Matthew, a lady who had a bleeding condition for years touched Jesus’ cloak.   92 more words


What’s wrong is wrong
Whitewashing the wrong
Will not make it right
Why do we
Who seek the good of
World’s civil society
When in minority 234 more words


Into the Vault:Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #64

First appearance of Cloak and Dagger

So we meet Peter Parker, our friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man as we normally do, slinging around New York.When he comes upon a man(Marshall) that is running for his life.The man is scared for his life and ask Spider-Mans to save him and even says that he’ll tell the DEA everything. 345 more words


Realm Makers 2016

Last weekend,  I was at the Realm Makers conference in Philadelphia. I drove 1500 miles to get there, which took me three days. Of all the various writers’ conferences I’ve been to, this one is my favorite. 554 more words

The Devil is in the Details.

When costuming a show, there are a few things you do that you know no audience member will notice. Depending on how far away the audience is from the stage, and depending some on the lighting, they may never truly know what went into making a garment. 170 more words

Finished Projects

Temporarily Closed

Sorry for the lack of a blog entry tonight. Wanna know what I did instead of writing a blog entry? Brace yourselves. I socialized. 33 more words

I'm Invincible

There are holes in my cloak now;

Have been suffering quite a long time now;

But I have become invincible in this journey of self discovery; 83 more words