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Johan Tahon Manresa (Holes), 2014-15 , 30 x 43 x 70 cm Glazed ceramic

A Cloak
by Denise Levertov

‘For there’s more enterprise… 79 more words


An artwork a day - Day Nine

Don’t be scared! I didn’t cross to the dark side, not even for cookies. It’s the product of a Selfie that I uploaded on Facebook, and a friend of mine commenting “A cloak is missing. 28 more words


The Cloak, part 2

Satin.  Oh, how I adore thee, satin.

Oh, how I despise thee, satin.

Yes, I have a dysfunctional relationship with this beautiful looking, silky feeling fabric.   565 more words


Make a #Medieval Cloak and #Miniature Swords for Your #BarbieDolls

In my upcoming production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, some of our dolls will provide the “extras” in scenes like the Capulet family’s ball and the marketplace. 413 more words


The Cloak, part 1

I started this project as a reminder in the basics of sewing both by machine and hand after a many year pause. It’s since turned into a highly instructive learning process that will carry more than its weight once I finish this and start on my “Legend of the Seeker” costumes in the next few weeks. 620 more words


How to make something invisible

Think how much writing–and reading–you could get done if no one knew you were there. This is eerily simple: just use 4 lenses to bend the light around the thing you want to “cloak.”  Will we resort to deep sea fish later to help us find things in the “dark”?