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Wandering through leaf-bare trees,
a figure stumbles through the forest.
The figure is indistinct,
concealed within a c l o a k
and fading into… 11 more words


Serafina and the Black Cloak (Fiction - Middle Grade)

Serafina and the Black Cloak (Fiction – Middle Level)

That Is the narrative a fearless and unconventional woman who lives privately in the attic of the grand Biltmore Property amidst the elegance of the Gilded Age and the tough elegance of the Blue Ridge Foothills. 19 more words


We are snowflakes and flower petals in this universe

Living in a duality

Separation by difference, and forced cohesion by birth

One man fish’s,

while another nations away crafts seafood dishes with no knowledge of the mother sea… 52 more words



Doctor Strange, the best Marvel movie of the year (hell, the best superhero movie of the year), was a pleasant surprise. The worst part about it was the final end credits scene (the second one, not the first), where one of the “good guys” reveals the setup of his Leeland-like rampage to destroy all of his “kind”…without proper motivation or reasoning. 216 more words


How to Make a Cloak with Pockets

For some time now I have been working on a cloak. This is not be an historically accurate cloak, nor is it strictly accurate to a single fandom. 1,275 more words