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Violations And Search Engine Spam Penalties

So as a part of “search engine penalty“, we will show you the real story behind the misunderstandings and fact. To prevent possible violations and spam penalties, it would be best if you check out some of the things that you ought not to do.  123 more words

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Black Hat SEO Techniques That Can Be Bane of Your Website

Black Hat SEO is a practice that involves the improving of the ranking of your website in the SERPs by straight-out violating the Google Webmaster Guidelines.  45 more words

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The Headphones Ritual

I like being around people, but I also really, thoroughly, and deeply enjoy being left alone. This is especially true if I have headphones on. This simple ritual initially started as a technique I came up with in my school days when I wanted to avoid the teacher calling on me to answer a question. 206 more words


Have Faith in Yourself - Remove the Mask

I often tell my children that no one gives as much thought to their insecurities as they do. No other people are panicking about a blemish on someone else’s face. 826 more words

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Facebook bans cloaking of spam sites that fool filters

[ Help] Thoughts of wanting to feel special, superior and jealousy

Cloaking voices sci-fi, but its actually a trick used today by spammers to prove content moderators or search engine spiders an innocent-looking version of their site while real visitors just see ads and scams. 370 more words