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Important SEO Glossary (A-E) By Q-vantage SEO Team

We all know that Search engine optimization is a really interesting and important topic right now for many online business owners. But before you can start working on it you have to understand some basic SEO terms, hence this SEO glossary. 1,053 more words

Search Engine Optimization

Hostgator - How to create redirect links

In this video we’ll show you how to create links that automatically redirect to another site. This is great for cloaking affiliate links or to direct traffic to another location discreetly.


Crypsis and Mimesis: The Future of Camoflauge and Cloaking

“Berkeley Lab Researchers Create Ultrathin Invisibility Cloak.”

So readsĀ a news release from the US Department of Energy’s venerated lab at the University of California, Berkeley. 325 more words

Current Events

Breakthrough in cloaking / invisibility technology

A cloak of invisibility may be common in science fiction but it is not so easy in the real world. New research suggests such a device may be moving closer to reality. 384 more words


Electromagnetic metamaterials

Electromagnetic metamaterials are man-made structures whose exotic properties can be defined and manipulated by engineering spatial distribution of their building block (cf. Sketch). These materials possess unusual properties including (not limited to) negative refractive index and cloaking devices which cannot be found in natural materials. 210 more words


ITMO & Australia National University: Invisible Hobbits & Harry Potter? Creating Invisible Objects Without Metamaterial Cloaking

Physicists from ITMO University, Ioffe Institute and Australian National University managed to make homogenous cylindrical objects completely invisible in the microwave range. Contrary to the now prevailing notion of invisibility that relies on metamaterial coatings, the scientists achieved the result using a homogenous object without any additional coating layers. 494 more words


Top 3 cloaking tech to fool your senses

Remember Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak? Or maybe the cloaking technology of Klingon ships in Star Trek? The ability to just disappear at will never seemed to be anything more than magic or science fiction. 662 more words