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Clock Out, 2014

Clock Out

2014, Post-Production

Toby is an ex-addict who is always on the lookout for some easy money. He can’t pass up an opportunity for a big pay day, but through a series of events Toby gets caught up in a robbery gone wrong, and he must deal with the consequences as they come before his clock runs out. 85 more words

Bill Oberst Jr.

Clock in / Clock out (+ exceptions sheet!)

Mike just sat down to do payroll, and….

It wasn’t pretty.

A few people completely forgot to punch in or out, or write anything on the clock in/out exceptions sheet. 225 more words


The Job that Never Stops

In a lot of jobs when you clock out you’re done.

As a journalist, this just can’t be.

Try as I might, I can’t escape my work. 420 more words

When all else fails, there is reading and writing

Last night, after my dreary, not-so-productive day, I settled into my new reading chair with In Your Ear, the Oakland Word anthology.

I didn’t expect to read the whole thing cover to cover, but that’s what I ended up doing. 415 more words


How not to drown in books

I spent almost the whole day on this:

When I was an undergrad, I began accumulating book recommendations from friends, professors, magazines, newspapers, and other sources. 341 more words


Away with distractions!

I have too many interests. For years Erik has watched me struggle to balance all my activities and remarked gently, “Maybe you’re taking on too much.” But I always shook my head in denial. 639 more words


Setting intentions

Moderately productive day today. I woke up feeling so ready for action that the first thing I wrote in my morning pages was a to-do schedule, but everything took longer than I expected (no surprise there). 344 more words