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A Detailed Guide for 3D Printing Enclosures

We’ve all have projects that are done, but not complete. They work, but they’re just a few PCBs wired together precariously on our desks. But fear not! 214 more words

3d Printer Hacks

Homemade DIY word clock – Low cost variant

In this article I want to cover an alternative I’ve come across while building the “real” word clock project. This version will not feature a 12×12 LED-Matrix display. 1,952 more words


Big Ben falls silent after midday chimes Monday

LONDON — After the twelve loud chimes at midday Monday, London’s iconic Big Ben, the bell that marks time in the clock over the Houses of Parliament, fell quiet. 130 more words


A scientist reveals the secrets to beating jet lag

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

  • Jet lag is the disruption of your body clock.

  • Your body or circadian clock regulates a host of different functions including your sleep, metabolism, and digestion.
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