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Irrational Fears

Does anyone else have any really strange, irrational fears?

I had a really big phobia of dogs when I was little. At the sight of any canine, I’d run away, grab my mom or dad, close my eyes and scream for a few minutes until the dog was out of sight and I was positive the dog locked in a room or crate. 788 more words


The challenges of Live Streaming a performance

Over the last 4 or 5 years Pilot have been at the forefront in live streaming in our sector. We are constantly trying things out and trying to improve the audience engagement for the person sitting in front of a computer screen. 1,281 more words

Blood And Chocolate

Where one life meets another

There was a whole new meaning to home working last Thursday night. It was tech time for clocking in at York Cocoa House but I was at my Therapy Centre in Hinckley, Leicestershire. 262 more words

Blood And Chocolate

Clocking in! The Boondocks Trails, Long Island

One of the things I always liked about Instagram, is that you get a more personal/realistic view of what its like at other spots. You get to know the names/faces of real locals that are out there day after day making things happen. 270 more words

i can't wait until (thebrokechronicles)

I’m really bad about remembering where I hear or read a story.  I’m even worse at actually retelling stories that I’ve heard, or read, and getting to the point. 348 more words


The absurdity that is "flexitime"

Dear Mother,

I am writing to you after experiencing my first day at my new office. The sights I have seen, the horror, the chaos; I scarcely understand the system before me and how any success is achieved here in local government. 977 more words

We Love The Council