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See it at center. We walk around it
in concentric circles, wonder-wandering. Hear
the tock; we are the clock, arrows pointed out
-ward as it stands, anti-time. 133 more words

Miz Q January

In an earlier post I talked about the wonders of the mechanical clock and the joys of the watch.

The clock is the gift that keeps on giving… 337 more words

Great Design

365 day 17

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Read it Clockwwise

Ahhh finally. I’m in bed and all my work is done and I’ve said goodnight to everyone. Time to sleep. Or so I think. I think? 139 more words


About Time 7

The guild church of St Katharine Cree in London is rather overshadowed by towering modern buildings, but is elegant and peaceful inside.

We liked this sundial on the exterior of the church, reportedly dating from around 1700. 13 more words


Just Type Amen

If you agree just type in “go away you ignorant prick and find a life.”  Where are these Internet Ninny’s finding all this crap?  Look at this picture posted below and tell me if you see Merell Streep. 232 more words

About Time 6

We also liked this unusual clock on the church of St Dunstan in the West in The Strand in London. It dates from 1671 and has moving figures of giants that hit the bells. 10 more words