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the uninvited ripples (20/June/18)

I returned the clock to its rightful place where last night it’d ticked and tocked, where it sat upon the mantel piece and kept me wide awake and counting… counting…counting… not sheep…. 265 more words

June 18, 1976 (more or less) — Scientists confirmed Einstein’s equivalence principle in the experiment called Gravity Probe A. They confirmed that clocks

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This Day In History

Thinking Aloud on A Sunday

What’s O’Clock?

This is a rather ancient expression for asking the time. You might see it in a Shakespeare play.
I woke up thinking about Time this morning, specifically how to tell the time. 782 more words

Nostalgia And Reflections

Analog Clocks

I never learned how to read these. They seem unnecessarily esoteric. Even a million years ago when they were all geared, it’s not any harder to gear a clock to flip over panels with numbers on them. 49 more words



so many clocks
the ticks they tock
and time runs out
the clocks they tick
the tock and drip
the drop of blood… 43 more words



Time has no meaning

When the hour says sleep

But the mind won’t rest

It’s no use counting sheep

The sheep just leap

In endless white streams… 58 more words