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Time Marches On

Clearly the digital clock has had an electronic stroke while the analog clock still works just fine. There seems to be a message here. 7 more words

Scattered Time

Using a particle brush and masks to create the illusion of a clocked disintegrating.

More work here: dommylive.deviantart.com

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The leap second: Because our clocks are more accurate than the Earth

(Source: arstechnica.com)

We’ve recently been treated to that extra day in February that reminds us that 2016 is a leap year. Introduced by Julius Caesar, the leap day is necessary because the orbital year is not exactly equal to the 365 days of our calendar year. 1,799 more words


What Mom Really Wants For Mother's Day [3 creative gifts]

Although billions of dollars will be spent on jewelry, clothing, and flowers this Mother’s Day, do you know what moms really want?

Well I can’t speak for all moms, but this is what I want: 176 more words


No time like the present

A sign reminding pedestrians to conserve water, coupled with some not-so-subtle clocks, reminds me to regroup. Extended travel can be exhausting, but these moments aren’t lasting.

–t, day 10


2face Idibia's son Zion clocks 8 today

2face and Sumbo Adeoye’s son, Zion is eight years old today. His mother sent a special message to him via her Instagram Page. 156 more words


Telling the time.

Today in class 3 we have been learning all about time. We have been challenging ourselves by completing difficult clock times. Take a look!