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My father loved clocks. I don’t know if this gave him some sort of illusion of mastery over time but he enjoyed their mechanisms, workings, tinkering with them. 744 more words

Lawyer Time Versus The Old Man's Time

Please don’t get me wrong. There is nothing, absolutely not one tiny jot or dot wrong with Lawyer Time. Fact is that in their line of work it is greatly needed. 158 more words

The Old Man's Advice

Colin Kaepernick, Jesse Ventura, and a stopped clock.

We here at Warehouse Find, the official blog of Nostalgia Zone, are strong advocates of free speech. It’s what makes it possible for me to post this drivel…er…I mean, pearls of wisdom each week. 710 more words

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Chelsea Clock Company: Making Time Their Business For 119 Years

CHELSEA (CBS) — The first thing you notice as you walk up to the second floor at 101 Second Street in Chelsea is the sound. 707 more words


Servicing a Sessions American No. 2 mantel clock, Part I

I am going to take you, the reader, through the process I follow when servicing a clock. There will be several posts in this series. I am not a trained expert in clock repair, nor do I do this for profit and have learned most of what I know through trial and error, careful study and of course, listening to the advice of many experts and newfound friends on the forum site at… 665 more words


It's time to choose on of our Clocks | fci Nigeria

It’s time to choose one of our clocks Clocks are a must in every home. Next to being imperiously necessary, they can add style and a modern touch to an

Clock Museum in Vienna - A Journey through Time

“I can hear the clock ticking but I can never find the time”, whoever said it was absolutely right. That’s exactly how I feel about… 317 more words

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