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Time Mystery Deepens

OK, once again, the thing with the clocks? The strange little boring magic-realist novel breaking out in our house where all clocks stop at about the same time? 99 more words


Chris Borelli Drops New Music Video: "Clocks"

It’s about time! Chris Borelli is back with an all new music video for his single “Clocks.”

Do not forget this name, Chris Borelli.

A couple weeks ago, Verge Campus writer,  744 more words


Backwards in time

An open topic for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week gives me an excuse to post this image.

It was taken in the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, which is housed in a former mainline railway station. 49 more words

Black & White

Dandelion Clocks

    Who hasn’t grimaced as the heads of dandelions rear up out of an otherwise healthy garden? There is, however, a part of me that thinks that dandelions have as much right to life as any other flower in the garden, and that it is completely arbitrary to declare one plant a weed while another appears in sumptuous splendour at the Chelsea Flower Show…as if, somehow, a nasty system of discrimination extends even to plant life. 80 more words

Human Experience


Sip slowly, I said.

I never watched the clock spin for more than a minute. Its movement made me anxious. Tick, tick tick. Now, time keeps itself differently. 174 more words


Rant: On Analog Clocks

A ninth-grader asked me how much time was left on the state biology exam.  Thinking the answer obvious and the question unnecessary, I pointed to the start / end times I had written prominently on the board and then to the big clock on the wall.   287 more words


Irish Adventure 2016

I was invited to visit a friend who is currently living in Dublin last weekend and I jumped at the chance seeing that I am half Irish and haven’t been to Ireland before. 152 more words