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Mathematician of the Week

Our Mathematician of the Week has tried really hard this week when we have been learning about turns (half, quarter and three-quarter turns) and moving in the right direction (clockwise and anticlockwise)

Well done! :)


Theresa May offers all the reassurance of Despair.

One of John Cleese’s finest moments in screen is to be found in the movie Clockwise (1986).  As someone who hates being late for anything for any reason, I found the film quite hypnotically painful to watch.   855 more words

My Week in Movies, 2017 Week 6

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrhhhhhh – gasp – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgghh! Life has gotten away from me recently, but I still want to keep writing these things. I have thoughts on movies, dammit, and how will I know what order to write my Best of 2017 films into (but never actually get around to posting) if I don’t have these handy reminders? 1,035 more words

My Week In Movies

Word Depiction

Brief: Select a word and depict the meaning of that word.

Word Selected: DEEP

Depiction: Showing the depth in the word and placing the letters in a clockwise circular manner which eventually goes inside – showing a well from top view.


does water swirl the other way in different hemisphere

have you ever notice the swirl in the toilet when you flush it? if you are in the northern hemisphere then you will notice that the water swirls anti-clockwise which is correct because of the rotation of the earth… 41 more words

Forgotten Filmcast Episode 85: Clockwise

On the new episode of the Forgotten Filmcast Todd is joined by Jay Cluitt from Life vs. Film to discuss Monty Python’s own John Cleese in 1986’s… 30 more words


Talking Twitter and More on Clockwise 172

I appeared on Clockwise again this week, a great 30-minute podcast where four people offer their opinions on four technology topics. I love Clockwise because it’s so easily digestible, and the topics are always interesting. 56 more words