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City of Fredericton to phase out sewage services by 2019

Fredericton — The City of Fredericton is close to finalizing a plan that will phase out sewage services to city residences by 2019. Although not yet formally approved by Fredericton City Council, the initiative has the support of most city councillors and the motion is expected to pass at the next council meeting.   514 more words


Lanelle Cleansing Scrub

  – removes dead skin cells and leaves it impeccably smooth, fine, and utterly refreshed

 – unclogs your pores and allows your pores to ‘breathe’. Through the process, your skin’s pores will also be   minimized. 58 more words


The Kraziness of Koningsdag

My Monday morning started off just like any other-40 college kids decked out in orange drinking in a courtyard before 10 AM. The highly anticipated holiday was finally upon us, and we were confident the Dutch would not disappoint. 465 more words


A lump appears near the first one...

At the end of January 2015 I was surprised to feel a hard swelling where my right moob used to be. It felt like a piece of gristle so at first I wasn’t too phased. 475 more words


Ghost in the machine

January 2015

Though disappointed that I wasn’t fit to return to work, I was eager to have a plan in place to give me something to aim for. 568 more words


Great news to finish the year

New Year 2015

Christmas passed quietly, thank goodness.

But the whole family had been organising a large new year’s party with all our friends. It was a raucous occasion, I’m pleased to say. 84 more words