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What about Mules and Clogs?

This is not a rhetorical question. Mules and clogs are still living big right now and are seen in virtually every store you can imagine. And what about the elusive clog mule combo? 74 more words

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Why does my dishwasher not drain?

If your dishwasher is not draining, or there is too much water left over at the end of the cycle, it might be due to food particles blocking the sump area, or it could be cause by a clogged dishwasher drain hose or a defective part like the motor or drain pump. 497 more words


Kevin The Dawg's Frog Blog

Today, as I sat staring aimlessly into the abyss thinking of my upcoming chel game against Kim Jong Un, I spotted the most miraculous Spring Peeper, or as our Latin friends would say, Pseudacris Crucifer. 55 more words


City of Fredericton to phase out sewage services by 2019

Fredericton — The City of Fredericton is close to finalizing a plan that will phase out sewage services to city residences by 2019. Although not yet formally approved by Fredericton City Council, the initiative has the support of most city councillors and the motion is expected to pass at the next council meeting.   514 more words


Lanelle Cleansing Scrub

  – removes dead skin cells and leaves it impeccably smooth, fine, and utterly refreshed

 – unclogs your pores and allows your pores to ‘breathe’. Through the process, your skin’s pores will also be   minimized. 58 more words