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The 2016 Season Has Begun!

As the 2016 season gets underway, we’re looking forward to dancing at Rochester Sweeps Festival this weekend.

On May Day, we’ll be dancing on Blue Bell Hill at dawn with several other sides. 11 more words

Bishop Gundulfs


Clogged vacuum filter
Grays the water down the sink
Hair revolution

If my sewer backs up, does it always mean I have to replace my sewer?

No. The best advice is to have someone come to camera your sewer. Make sure you know all of the facts before someone talks you into a whole sewer replacement. 70 more words


99 Problems But My Plumbing Ain't 1

It started 2 weeks ago, I was taking a shower and felt a very weird sensation on my ankles- it was water. Not just shower water, but the tub was filling up. 264 more words

Drought breaker

I didn’t expect to break my blogging drought in this manner, but I couldn’t resist.

I think my sink is clogged!

Tear Duct Blockage In Babies

When my daughter Mehr was one month old we went for a routine check-up, to her pediatrician. Post the check-up the doctor said everything else is fine but I think your baby is having a Tear Duct blockage in her left eye. 464 more words