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Breast Milk For Blocked Tear Ducts?

Breast Milk For A Blocked Tear Duct?

Tear ducts drain tears from the eye into the nasal cavity. When my fifth child was a baby we had our first experience with clogged tear ducts. 401 more words


Allergies Get Worse At Night

If you are experiencing clogged nasal passages in the evening and nighttime, use an air purifier to clean the air in your home. #cleanair #blueair #purification

#792: Have an allergy test

“This will be uncomfortable,” the nurse said as she picked up the first of the 8 allergy testers and brought it toward my arm.

“Wait–is it going to hurt?   327 more words


Knoxville, TN Plumbers: Four Reasons Why Your Toilet Gets Clogged

A clogged toilet is incredibly stressful. Aside from depriving your bladder the release it needs, it can also overflow, flooding your floor with filthy water rendering the entire bathroom unusable until professional plumbing help arrives. 111 more words



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We’re here another week, gathered in a small virtual cafe in a foreign city. Water is the subject as this is a group from the Friday Fictioneers, and we’ll be discussing our original stories for this week. 210 more words

Comedogenic Ratings

Comedogenic Ratings

When using oils for your face and body knowing the comedogenic rating is useful in helping you decide which one to use. Everyone has different tolerances to different oils and most will not work the same for each person. 154 more words


Unclogging the bathroom sink drain...gag gag gag

Last week, my fiancé challenged me with trying to find out how to unclog the sink drain in the master bathroom. When we moved in, it was clogged. 502 more words