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Plumbing Tips: Clogged Drain Pipe? Here’s What You Can Do to Fix It

It can happen to each and every Michigan homeowner at some point: you run water in the sink, or take a shower, or flush a toilet, and suddenly, it happens—the water doesn’t drain. 104 more words

You’ll never complain about a stuffy nose again after seeing what was lodged in his

The dude featured in the video above had some unreal mucus build-up going on in his nose.

When doctors pulled it all out in one disgusting wad the only thoughts that come to mind are: ‘Wow, that is the worst,’ ‘How does that even happen?’ ‘He must feel so much better now’ and ‘I will never complain of a stuffy nose again.’ 24 more words


Wednesday Writer's Block...

I feel like I got the writer’s block.

Nothing is coming out.

Letters on the page but no wind in the sail.

Yet my mind never seems to stop. 83 more words

Avoiding Clogged Drainage in Vancouver through Proper Grease Disposal

You probably know the devastating effects of a blocked drain system on your health and environment: stagnant pools of water, the dreadfully musty odor, and the possible mosquito infestation all lining up to make living in your home an uncomfortable experience. 85 more words


A Huge Pain In The Boob

Got a call from a girlfriend this weekend. She was bawling her eyes out as soon as I picked up the phone.

“It hurts! Nothing’s coming out! 324 more words


Trans-border sewer line In Nogales, AZ, clogged with marijuana in transit

Click to enlargeKGUN9-TV

An international sewer line in Nogales has been cleared of packages of drugs that caused a backup of waste. On Wednesday evening, authorities said the investigation was ongoing and no arrests had been made.

145 more words


Between the shackles of

Fury & rage which keeps pricking to

Get an increment in my temperament

At seldom times

Causing a midway despair;

I fail to yell out aloud… 134 more words