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Cloning Your System

What is cloning?

One popular method of backing up is cloning. In cloning you make a copy of the entire hard drive or partition… 101 more words

Free Software

dd and Clonezilla - reliable beasts!

Of all the joys of computer-land, the replacement of the Windows 8 with Linux is one of the simplest and most pure. Today, I won’t go into the process of Linux installation (actually there is not much to it nowadays, unless you want to install a distro like ArchLinux), but, what I will go into is one of the most satisfying preparation steps: backing up the disk before installation of a new OS. 478 more words


How to Clone HDD/SSD with CloneZilla

The last time when I had the task to replace 14 PCs ASAP and I haven’t got any Windows based Images and no time to install all the computers with an installation DVD I decided to try the Free Open Source software Clonezilla. 879 more words

Bootable USB

Cloning Windows hard drive that has bad sectors to new drive

Decided to replace hard drive by cloning to an SSD?  Discovered that the clone software that came with replacement hard drive doesn’t like bad clusters so fails?  263 more words

Bad Clusters

The best Live CD to rescue data

Hello! It’s been 16 days (or 17) since I wrote a tech post. This one is very important for me in that it took me a long time to analyse all the available solutions on the market. 941 more words