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HP 2530p WIFI Hard Disabled after Clonezilla disk clone

Today, after using the newest stable release of Clonezilla -version 2.4.2-32, in boot CD form- to make a disk clone of my laptop’s (HP 2530p) hard drive, I found that the internal wireless LAN adapter was inoperable. 194 more words

Cant Clone OSX with Yosemite 10.10 - Clonezilla

I’am a long fan of Clonezilla, which I have been using many years cloning
both Macs & PC

With Yosemite, Apple made a change to the disk partition system… 289 more words

Old Times: Part Deux

Did you know that Windows has a built in backup, that can create and restore a disk image? Pity it also has to completely wipe the existing partitioning to do it. 234 more words

What Am I Doing?

Just Like Old Times

Well, this is fun? No. Fun’s not the right word. This is interesting. And, I’d put in a relevant clip from Firefly right there, but I don’t think I can use YouTube, right now. 445 more words

What Am I Doing?

Quickly deploy Windows 8.1 Enterprise on multiple computers at no cost

This guide will show you how to deploy Windows 8.1 on multiple computes at no cost by using only free tools and some common sense. 425 more words

Windows 8

Cloning Your System

What is cloning?

One popular method of backing up is cloning. In cloning you make a copy of the entire hard drive or partition… 101 more words

Free Software

dd and Clonezilla - reliable beasts!

Of all the joys of computer-land, the replacement of the Windows 8 with Linux is one of the simplest and most pure. Today, I won’t go into the process of Linux installation (actually there is not much to it nowadays, unless you want to install a distro like ArchLinux), but, what I will go into is one of the most satisfying preparation steps: backing up the disk before installation of a new OS. 478 more words