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Want Some Advice?

For the rest of the year, there will be a box in the office near the “Sign In” book specifically for your concerns. It will be labeled “Advice Column.” But don’t worry- your answers will be kept completely anonymous. 87 more words

Student Life

Snow Days

Would you rather have a few scattered snow days or a longer summer?  Our school board is currently adding the days to the end of the year that we missed due to the snow.  195 more words


Slanging it! : By Chris Calderon

The words below are words and expressions that are currently popular.

Vine: An app that is very popular. A video that only lasts 6 seconds. An app that most teenagers and young adults uses. 297 more words

Arts & Entertainment


West Point college cadets come to Cloonan to teach the students about Lego robotics.

Websites with more information about West Point’s visit to Cloonan are below: 12 more words