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The Lady's Room

For years men have been disappearing into “man caves.” There, they’ve  watched baseball games, played poker and drank scotch. But if men need a room to retreat to when they want to pretend to be Don Draper, women need one where they can pretend to be Joan Harris. 684 more words


Clos-ette's Melanie Charlton Fascitelli on Workplace Style, Go-To Confidence Boosters, More

When stylish women feel the need to completely build our revamp their closet, Melanie Charlton Fascitelli is their go-to girl. As the founder of couture custom closet company Clos-ette, Charlton Fascitelli spent her childhood growing up in various places, which led her to understand the need for the right clothes—and to develop the know-how for finding them wherever she happened to be. 322 more words


Watch: How To Organize Your Closet In Five Simple Steps (Seriously!)

A cluttered closet is something that plagues pretty much all fashion fans, and our own senior editor Perrie Samotin is no exception. Having lived in New York City apartments since birth, Perrie admits she’s harbored elaborate fantasies about sprawling walk-in spaces, Rococo-style wallpapered dressing rooms, and illuminated vanity tables, only to be stuck with standard reach-in excuses for closets, many outfitted with a single hanging bar and inefficient shelving. 586 more words

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Chatting with Melanie Fascitelli of Clos-ette

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, behold, because today you are in the presence of organizing royalty. Melanie Fascitelli is the president and creative director of… 1,085 more words

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