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When life imitates fiction I

The evening started so well. Like a fairytale it was …

“… I LEGGED it at the next stop … Giving nothing away until the last possible moment, I attached myself to a small group of people in order to make my escape.

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How to confound a serial killer ...

A zipped up the back young woman arrives in Paris late at night only to be confronted with her worst nightmare …

“… I LAID it on thick with as much Teuchter bullshit as I could possibly muster.

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The Performance

A heady cocktail of past lives and a vivid imagination …

“… I AM hearing a voice from above me. I turn my attention towards it and see a host of other people, not doctors, not nurses, begging me to come with them … The walls and ceiling dissolve into the sky and everywhere is infused with light.

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And now I'm one of them...

I always used to kind of chuckle and roll my eyes when my husband would tell me about people stopping by the station to say ‘Thank You.’ Dropping off cakes, fruit, steaks, even catered meals! 815 more words


Close Call: Short and Bittersweet (my first literary review!)

“Close Call: Short and Bittersweet is a great title for a memorable book. It is an autobiography in the form of short stories … the first three are based on her family’s south Skye stories from the first half of the 20th century and actually pre-date own life … taken together this string of pearls offers fragments of a Skye woman’s background and then her journey through the second half of that century.

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