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Close Call

Another new city, another new state, the third one in high school alone.  My sister had tickets to Hawaii and was taking my mother along for a vacation.  1,007 more words


OOOOOH OOOOOH that smell! Can you smell that smell?

If you ever burst into a restroom at work and coming from the rear stall you hear a sound like a small air compressor and see a rising fog of lysol spray. 160 more words

Eddie Pitts

WATCH: Out-of-control truck goes flying off Boston interstate

ABOVE: Multiple transit cameras captured the incredible accident that send a truck flying off a Boston interstate.

Multiple Boston transit cameras captured the shocking accident that sent a man’s truck sailing off the upper deck of Interstate-93 and crashing to the road below – barely avoiding landing on top of another car. 236 more words


Cosmic Close Call

Seventy thousand years ago doesn’t seem so very long – not too long to imagine. Anatomically modern humans – us – date back two hundred thousand years. 260 more words

Neat News And Thoughts

The Journey Back

Composed 2/16/15
Description: Writing 201: Day 2. The Challenge: a journey theme in limerick form with alliteration.

Today’s poem was inspired by my snowy commute (to and from) work. 60 more words


Post 33: Out With the Old


New job, new schedule and an old, broken prop…  We were heading out for our first sail since moving back to the Bay.  We were in the channel when –clung, klug, shudder, shudder– part of the prop broke off.   112 more words