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Fiery rescue: North Carolina strangers help pull man trapped in truck pinned under bus

Police video captured the moment when a group of complete strangers helped rescue a man trapped in a truck pinned under a school bus.

The red pick-up-truck and the yellow bus collided on Tuesday in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 271 more words


Bus-Size Asteroid Gives Earth A Close Shave

An asteroid the size of a school bus buzzed by Earth Wednesday in an exceptionally close — but safe — flyby. Scientists discovered the object on Monday, just two days before its encounter with Earth. 116 more words


Taxis and MicroSleeps: Why We Need Driverless Vehicles

It is late, but I am finally done for the night. Another day of work and study complete – I am utterly exhausted. I step out into cool August air as the sky opens and a steady downpour begins. 486 more words


Woman pulls two children to safety moments before gas station fire consumes her car

Security cameras at a Connecticut gas station captured a close call for a mother and her two kids after a car accident triggered a fire at one of the pumps. 258 more words


You could say I'm pretty lucky

I’m pretty lucky I guess because I haven’t found myself in too many life and death situations. However, there is one terrifying experience in my life that I will never forget. 252 more words

Public Humiliation Avoided

Phew! Avoiding public humiliation.. Like a boss!

What’s your closest call? If you dare to let on  Know anyone who didn’t quite make it?


Caught on camera: Couple survives after cement truck crushes their car in China

A man and woman survived a dramatic crash on Monday when their car was crushed by a cement tanker in southern China’s Ningbo City, according to state broadcaster CCTV. 91 more words