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Close Enough

The nudibranch family two blocks away
answers a mighty summons from the past,
desire for love like a roof overhead, light like

light from stars long dead, like the afterlife… 39 more words


business minding

We mind others getting close enough to our business to mind it.


FDA Approves First "Biosimilar" Drug. Could Drive Down Cost Of Most Expensive Medications

Biotech drugs — which are generally derived from a living organism, as opposed to traditional purely chemical medications — are currently among the most expensive medicines available. 395 more words

Spotted on a German hotel's website

I can just imagine the thought process:

Hanz: Should we spell Fitnesscenter with an -er or -re?

Franz: Well, are we trying to cater to Americans or Britons?

Hanz: Both, I guess.


close enough

You can be close enough to someone to get the brush off.


I being the Albatross

6 chaired dining table

Only 1 sits at a time

If you know what it is

So I will take off your time

You have to think before you squeak… 43 more words