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Close VIP Protection: Protecting The Person And Their Reputation

Written by DON AVIV, Chief Operating Officer at Interfor International

Bodyguards need to learn that VIP protection is more than just physical safety. It’s also about preserving the client’s public image. 896 more words

Balancing the Security Challenges of Protecting VIPs and Celebrities.


Personal security or body guarding is a rapidly growing field.  Also known as close personal protection or executive protection, personal security generally refers to measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPs or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk. 851 more words

Reasons to Get a Bodyguard

If you are concerned about safety when you move out and when you stay indoors, you should want to get a personal security guard. Even though you will get protection from the State, it is limited and it is not possible to cover every inch that you will move. 369 more words

Close Protection

Security Theater: A Dangerous Placation

An Opinion Piece by Michael Mancino
Security is both a feeling and a reality. The propensity for security theater comes from the interplay between the public and its leaders. 755 more words

Discretion is part of the duty

Earlier this week, a former uniformed Secret Service officer named Gary J. Byrne announced that he had a book coming out next month. Byrne claims the book… 526 more words