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A Short Analysis of Emily Dickinson's 'Because I could not stop for Death'

A critical reading of a classic Dickinson poem

In ‘Because I could not stop for Death’ Emily Dickinson writes about one of her favourite subjects: death. 755 more words


Close Reading - The Comparison Question

Below is the link to the comparison questions we were looking at in class.

Remember, try to structure your points:

  • The first article… whereas the second article…
  • 17 more words

Native Americans Over Time

Throughout history, Native Americans have been portrayed many times as bloodthirsty, savage, and near inhuman. They were pitted against a European scale of the “ideal” person. 1,060 more words

Hope Leslie

Native American Destruction

“And because all the people who could do so fled to the mountains to escape these inhuman, ruthless, and ferocious acts, the Spanish captains, enemies of the human race, pursued them with the fierce dogs they kept which attacked the Indians, tearing them to pieces and devouring them. 378 more words

Close Reading American Literature

Study Tip 7 - How to Close Read Academic Texts | Blogmas 2016

Welcome back to day seventh of this years Blogmas. I quite enjoy it which makes it highly possible for me to do Blogmas again next year, too. 509 more words


A Short Analysis of Philip Larkin's 'Going'

A summary of a short Larkin poem

‘Going’, originally titled ‘Dying Day’, is one of Philip Larkin’s earliest mature poems, written in 1946 and published in his 1955 volume… 609 more words


A Short Analysis of Shakespeare's Sonnet 15: 'When I consider'

A reading of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 15

‘When I consider every thing that grows’: so begins William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 15, another example of the Bard’s ‘Procreation Sonnets’ addressed to the Fair Youth. 661 more words