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Idol worship and blood gods

“Anyone who looked more white folkish than herself was better than she was in her criteria, therefore it was right that they should be cruel to her at times, just as she was cruel to those more negroid than herself in direct ratio to their negroness.

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Their Eyes Were Watching God

Blog Prompt #07: Choose Your Own Adventure...

For this week’s blog post, I’d like you all to choose a passage from tomorrow’s assigned reading (The Haunting of Hill House, chapters 6-9) and write a brief critical analysis of it that deploys the close reading skills we’ve been working on this semester. 99 more words

What Does the Writer Believe In?

Something that I discovered to be a pretty prevalent theme throughout all my blog posts is the focus I put on the writer of the work of the week. 283 more words

Blog Reflection Day #1 (10/12)

A Game of Catch via Socratic Seminar

Today we did a Socratic Seminar with Richard Wibur’s A Game of Catch. This is a particularly difficult text that requires some time to fully understand and comprehend. 64 more words

5th Grade

Spoken Word: Denice Frohman, "Dear Straight People"

Abstract: Denice Frohman’s spoken-word poem about lesbian visibility and homophobia.

Usage: I use these spoken word poems to teach close reading. This is a good one to bring up intersectionality during, since a white lesbian has appropriated the title from a well-known Black pop culture item. 621 more words

Spoken Word Poetry: Neil Hilborn, "OCD"

Abstract: Spoken word poem about love, disability, and mental illness by Neil Hilborn.

Usage: I use this to introduce close reading. It’s also very useful in talking about the difference between a written and oral text. 641 more words

Slam Poetry: "Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them" Brenna Twohy

Abstract: Brenna Twohy’s spoken word poem “Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them”, a poem about Harry Potter, fan fiction, porn, and the male gaze. 521 more words

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