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A Short Analysis of Henry Vaughan's 'The Retreat'

A summary of a classic Metaphysical poem

Henry Vaughan (1622-95) was a Welsh Metaphysical Poet, although his name is not quite so familiar as, say, Andrew Marvell. 928 more words


A Short Analysis of William Blake's 'The Sick Rose'

A critical reading of a classic short poem

‘The Sick Rose’ was published in William Blake’s Songs of Experience in 1794. The poem remains a baffling one, with Blake’s precise meaning difficult to ascertain. 530 more words


A Short Analysis of T. S. Eliot's 'A Game of Chess'

A reading of the second part of The Waste Land

‘A Game of Chess’ is the second section of T. S. Eliot’s 1922 poem The Waste Land… 1,198 more words


A Short Analysis of Seamus Heaney's 'Digging'

A reading of a classic Heaney poem

‘Digging’ appeared in Seamus Heaney’s first collection, Death of a Naturalist, in 1966. Like a number of the sonnets by Tony Harrison – who was born two years before Heaney – ‘Digging’ is about a poet-son’s relationship with his father and the sense that the working-class son, by choosing the vocation of the poet (but then who chooses it? 597 more words


"And if thou wilt, forget."

Christina Rosetti’s poem, “Song,” fascinated me. In this poem, the speaker is telling a loved one not to mourn them when they die, because life will go on. 315 more words


A Short Analysis of Charlotte Mew's 'I so liked Spring'

A critical reading of a beautiful poem

Charlotte Mew (1869-1928) was a popular poet in her lifetime, and was admired by fellow poets Ezra Pound… 443 more words


A Short Analysis of Philip Larkin's 'Home is so Sad'

A summary of a short Larkin poem

‘Home is so Sad’ was completed on New Year’s Eve 1958, while Philip Larkin was staying at his mother’s house in Loughborough during the Christmas holidays. 524 more words