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Wednesday, January 17: Introduction to Film Terms

Goal: Learn the discipline-specific words to discuss films. Take notes on when and how filmmaking strategies are used in The Outsiders. Evaluate the effect of each strategy.  175 more words

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Tuesday, January 16: Comparing The Outsiders (Film vs. Book)

Goal: Compare the exposition of the film with the exposition of the novel. Analyze the author’s and filmmaker’s craft.


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Shared Reading Needs to Have a Clear Purpose

Recently while conducting an observation, I saw a teacher direct students to sit in pairs and read an article together. I kept waiting for further directions, but none came. 850 more words


Final Research Paper

Is It the Same Story?

Your task in this final research paper will be to compare two versions of a story that we’ve studied this term and make an argument about the significance of the retelling in terms of form, content, and/or audience. 462 more words

Close Reading

How to Close Read: An Overview

Close reading is the careful, sustained analysis of any text that focuses on significant details or patterns and that typically examines some aspect of the text’s form, craft, meanings, and more. 345 more words

Close Reading

Figurative Language: "Tell all the truth but tell it slant" (Emily Dickinson)

Figurative language – when we talk of figurative language, we talk of the various uses of language that depart from customary, unadorned, and literal construction, order, or meaning. 1,073 more words

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Close Reading Short Essay

One Word

For this assignment, you will select one word that you find especially significant to a text. You can pick either Angela Carter’s short story “The Courtship of Mr Lyon” or Annie Dillard’s “Living Like Weasels” to write about. 462 more words

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