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A Short Analysis of Wallace Stevens's 'Anecdote of the Jar'

A critical reading of an enigmatic poem

How can one even attempt to offer an analysis of ‘Anecdote of the Jar’, one of the most baffling and elusive short poems of the twentieth century? 648 more words


A Short Analysis of Shakespeare's Sonnet 1: 'From fairest creatures'

A critical reading of a Shakespeare sonnet

‘From fairest creatures we desire increase’: so begins Sonnet 1 in Shakespeare’s Sonnets. This opening sonnet is all about procreation, but also, perhaps, sexual pleasure (including solitary sexual pleasure – about which we say more below). 783 more words


A Close look at Hot Air Balloons

Today in class we started our first close read using these awesome resources.  I loved the way my students were really thinking about what they were reading.   42 more words

Close Reading


Notes from today’s class…


  • Exaggeration in order to make a point.

A Mars bar can save your life.



Cantilena [1]

However much guidance history, via the helpful hand of habit, may provide, ultimately each new book demands a unique sensitivity in its reader, a fine attunement to its nuances. 566 more words


Homework - Persuasive Techniques/Close Reading

Hello folks,

This homework is due on Wednesday 24th August.

  • Read the article ‘Libraries: Cathedral’s of Our Souls’.
  • Find and quote AT LEAST TEN examples of the persuasive techniques the writer has used.
  • 81 more words

Sample Lesson - Close reading with NewsELA article

Do your students need help with clearly stating a main idea? And with organization when they elaborate on that main idea? Last month I had the honor of teaching close reading of an informational article to a small group of fifth grade students for a demonstration lesson in front of 40 educators in the North Kansas City School District. 574 more words