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Online Databases for Books - Are They Reliable?

I just submitted another assignment – great feeling, isn’t it? For this one, I had to do yet another close reading, but this time it was on a chapter in Elizabeth Bowen’s book,  406 more words


Revision Workshop: Development and Arrangement

Our focus in the second project is on close/slow reading: reading for the implications in a text–and effectively getting implications into our own writing–thereby enhancing the pathos of our argument. 868 more words

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Not-So-Great Expectations

Who here has read Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations? Not me for one. And, in hindsight, maybe I should have, seeing as I had to do a presentation on it last week for my EH4006 module, Victorian Texts and Contexts, but no point crying over spilled milk. 559 more words



“Ms. D, why are all the characters Mac-something? It’s confusing!”

That was one I could explain: M-A-C is Scottish for “son of;” M-C is Irish for “son of.” It’s like Johnson, son of John. 851 more words

Existential Crisis

And signing back in again

Welcome to 2018. (Yes I know it’s been underway a while. I was giving it all time to make sure it was actually the new year happening, and not just 2017 in a loop.) As you will notice, the website has had a bit of a refurb. 409 more words

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Close reading: forming a community (Part 3)

Community is one of the defining aspects of mankind- especially one that Americans pride themselves in. Steinbeck dedicated chapter 17 to the description of the communities that were created by the migrants in the 1930s in America. 869 more words