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Revision help.

Heya class 12: Bart Simpson is telling you to revise!

With all the previous disclaimers about the depth and quality of these articles, the following sites should prove useful. 57 more words

Earth Day Fun Flash Freebie!

This item will be free on Earth Day only!!!

Earth Day Fluency Passages, Comprehension Questions and Writing Craftivity {K-2}

This packet contains 2 original fluency passages I wrote and 3 comprehension and extension activities to accompany each. 399 more words


Great Terror Tweetathon

Steve Graham and Michael Herbert (2010) conducted a meta-analysis of the literature on reading and writing called Writing to Read. Part of this work, reports the results from nine studies that demonstrated how having students respond to a text in writing has a large effect (0.77) on their reading comprehension. 398 more words

Historical Writing

tactic # 17 Why teachers do not ask students to "read between the lines"

For students, close reading often feels like a painfully pedestrian process that involves “reading between the lines.” But we here at Metaphorical Thinking try to be careful with our metaphors. 338 more words


Close Reading is a Conversation

I cannot proclaim to be an expert on close reading, nor would I want to. Although the skill/strategy/idea (?) of close reading is only briefly mentioned in the Common Core State Standards, it has become a staple in discussions among educators. 893 more words


A Happy Ending--or is it?

These last couple weeks have been busy, lots of things to get done as the semester’s close is rapidly approaching (I’m not complaining), and despite my tired brain, I can’t let the opportunity to talk about Margaret Atwood’s “Happy Endings” (1983) slip by in good conscience. 1,450 more words


Analysis Questions: Word Choice

Here are example passages with questions aimed at improving your ability to answer word choice questions.

Remember to use the formula. Identify the connotations of the word and link it back to questions. 581 more words

National 5