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NACCHO NEWS ALERT : Kevin Rudd donates $100,000 to Closing the Gap Research

Kevin Rudd will contribute $100,000 to kickstart a fundraising campaign for a new position at the Australian National University to help meet Closing the Gap targets aimed at addressing indigenous disadvantage. 367 more words

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NACCHO Health News : AMA Position Statement on Aboriginal Health – revised 2015

That in line with the late Dr Puggy Hunter’s statement that “The body parts approach has been a complete failure in Aboriginal health. There is no use treating the heart or the ears alone, when the whole person is in danger of breaking down” (July 1999), the AMA advocates that a holistic, culturally appropriate approach informs all areas of government policy development, which supersedes the current disease-based and fragmented policy and funding strategies. 1,451 more words

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NACCHO 2015 Budget News : Can we expect more anxiety, and widespread concern at the potential impact of change ?

The absence of real engagement results in top-down approaches that are not developed or tested with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and has long been acknowledged by governments of all persuasions as the key to failure in Indigenous affairs. 2,849 more words

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NACCHO 2015 Federal Budget Update : How the budget could Close the Aboriginal Health Gap ?


The primary health care sector that delivers the best results for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People is the least funded. Funding for ACCHSs is unrelated to population size or need, is not indexed for inflation or service demand and is not distributed equitably within and between the States and Territories. 3,831 more words

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NACCHO Close the Gap Day: NACCHO members making biggest inroads against CLOSE THE GAP targets says chair

Close the gap is about generational change and there are no quick fixes. Real gains, although small, are already being made in life expectancy and other key areas like maternal and child health. 1,356 more words

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NACCHO Media Release: Aboriginal people to benefit from funding security for Aboriginal health services

The peak Aboriginal health body today welcomed the announcement by the Federal Government of three-year funding agreements for Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations.

National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) Chairperson Matthew Cooke said the new agreements meant that crucial primary health care services would be sustained and that Aboriginal health services could now provide job security to their doctors, nurses and health workers who have the important role of improving the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal Australian. 251 more words

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COAG Reform Council speech NACCHO Summit: Health outcomes for Indigenous people

“Indigenous Australians should enjoy the same health, education and employment outcomes as other Australians. But, instead there remains a persistent and terrible gap between the two in major areas. 3,204 more words

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