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Not sure what kind of snake this is (hopefully just a garter snake), but he was enjoying the sun like the rest of us. On the zoomed in shot, you can see he’s weaved himself through the netting holding down the new grass.

Photos taken May 21, 2018



You know I can’t go to my dad’s without taking a picture of his beautiful dog, Elsa. Looks like she’s eyeing something up, doesn’t it? Maybe those hot dogs you’re grilling for Memorial Day? 10 more words


Gardening Hands

There should be a boat-load of hummingbirds this summer with all the Cardinal Flowers being planted.



The grass around here has been such a vibrant green, I guess from our cooler weather and rain. But I just loved the contrast between the yellow fire plug against the vibrant green grass.

Cell phone photo taken May 11, 2018.


Momma Pigeon

My daughter and I were inside the covered bridge, and I was lifting her to look out the window. We kept hearing a pigeon. After some searching, looking down through the opening in the floor, was this pigeon just sitting there on the supports. 47 more words