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More Mushrooms

I had a blow-up baby pool in the yard for my daughter. A few days after cleaning the pool out and moving it to a new location, this mushroom popped up right where the pool used to be. 96 more words

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Creative Close-Up: Finding Your Creative Niche

September 28, 2015

Niche:  A position or activity that particularly suits somebody’s talents and personality or that somebody can make his or her own.

Whenever you create something, doesn’t matter if its painting, photography, or music, you want to put your own stamp on it…in other words you want to put your very own creative niche into the work. 401 more words



               Turns out my yard has quite a few spots for mushrooms, and they’re not all the same kind.  This is my daughter’s first exposure to them; these were on the side of my house under some pine trees. 48 more words

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Tiny Dancer

  I think there is nothing cuter than a tiny hand playing with toys. This was a Christmas gift for my daughter, a musical jewelry box. She was fascinated by the ballerina spinning around, and how she bounced back to the upright position after poking her down.



Would you have known what this was just by the first image? I find it interesting how differently things can look if you don’t take into consideration the whole picture. 21 more words

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Lens seems to be ok!

  Such a relief!!!!  I was sitting in a chair and zoomed in to the grass below. Though I’m sure I could’ve picked a more interesting focal point than the wide blade of grass right in the center, my focus was specifically on if my camera would focus at all, etc. Yay! I’m so relieved!!!

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