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(for an October prompt)

Tolkien liked trees

Robin Hood, too;

Tinkerbell and Tiger Lily,

I imagine,

Providing shelter

And playing fields

For lost boys… 119 more words

Everyone has a past, parts that they don’t want others to know, those who know yours and stick around anyways are your true friends. Not everyone can handle what someone else has been through, they think, “well if I spend time and get close to a  person who did this, this, and this what would people think of me?” and as sad as that is, that’s how most people decide who to be around, not because of who they are but because of how they’ll be seen with them.

Quote Of The Day


I wish you could pull me closer, and be more affectionate. I wish the cold air would vanish. Does our hearts not sync the way they used to anymore?

Haruka Diary- Online

my eyes close no pressure

fell into a area

and long on the moving

and for the spirit

and long on the having

and its own use

and for the secure… 79 more words


A Kitty's Close Relationship with Their Person

I’ve had kitties,  including the one we have now, who love to cuddle & stay close, but, none like the one in the vid you’ll find at: … 27 more words