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The Death of Persuasion

“The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.”Edwin Schlossberg (Designer, author, artist)

As someone who has been writing blog entries for several years now, I’m disheartened by how little room there seems to be in everyone’s gestalt for opinion modification.  1,667 more words


Guns and God

I settled happily into my seat on American Airline flight 922 from La Paz to Miami: it had been delayed for 13-hours and we were ready to get going. 820 more words


Closed Minds

We all know someone whose mind is as closed to new ideas and new thoughts that their brain could be shackled with an unbreakable locks. They refuse to accept others points of views, refuse to even consider that their chosen stance is wrong. 375 more words


Minds Are Like Parachutes. They Work Better When They Are Open

Minds Are Like Parachutes. They Work Better When They Are Open!

In the arts communities, Process is valued over Product. In other words, a working, living, flexible creation is favored over something that was only considered once, made, and never reconsidered. 315 more words


To Our Closed Minds

Incident after incident in life just leads me to this conclusion, that we are living lives with such closed minds. We’re searching for acceptance from everyone, and not finding it from anyone. 527 more words


Liverwurst and open minds

Somehow, I like liverwurst.

I’m not sure how it happened.  I only know that I was very young and that somehow Mom got me to try it.   776 more words

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Do we need to open AND close our minds?

This thought came to me yesterday, and it relates to the issue of NLP – NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) is MORE effective on open minded people, because open minded people are much easier to reason with, and therefore more willing to ‘move’ on an issue than closed minded people. 577 more words