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Minds Are Like Parachutes. They Work Better When They Are Open

Minds Are Like Parachutes. They Work Better When They Are Open!

In the arts communities, Process is valued over Product. In other words, a working, living, flexible creation is favored over something that was only considered once, made, and never reconsidered. 315 more words


To Our Closed Minds

Incident after incident in life just leads me to this conclusion, that we are living lives with such closed minds. We’re searching for acceptance from everyone, and not finding it from anyone. 527 more words


Liverwurst and open minds

Somehow, I like liverwurst.

I’m not sure how it happened.  I only know that I was very young and that somehow Mom got me to try it.   776 more words

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Do we need to open AND close our minds?

This thought came to me yesterday, and it relates to the issue of NLP – NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) is MORE effective on open minded people, because open minded people are much easier to reason with, and therefore more willing to ‘move’ on an issue than closed minded people. 577 more words


Barrier: (n) a fence or other obstacle that prevents movement or access.

Prejudice is not just what I feel. It is also what is felt. 339 more words

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148 The Power of Closed Minds

When the formerly-blind man goes back to his neighborhood, people say, “Is this the blind guy that begged? He looks so different!”

“It’s me.” He assures them, and tells how Jesus healed him. 232 more words

Good And Evil

Happy Halloween! NOT.

We don’t celebrate Halloween.

Why? Because it’s ‘satanic’.

Are you all like Miranda or something?!

If I was to ban everything that’s considered satanic from my life, I’d be bored to death. 277 more words