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This Photo Will Determine If You Do Have A Dirty Mind! Take A Closer Look!

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This image immediately went viral online because at first look it appears to be a photo that will blow your mind. 25 more words

Selling with Integrity

Is the sale really about you?

Let’s talk about something deeper than performance. It has been my experience as a sales person to feel a lot of pain and suffering. 2,242 more words


Lose Life

Spanos West Park – Stockton, CA. 2016 (Spring).


Psalm 44, a sleep-song

Psalm 44

a sleep-song

I nap and still am tired

Good, maybe I’ll sleep

Through the night

Napping was necessary

I was too sore and too… 99 more words

Music Monday moves with Kings of Leon

I love when a teacher can pair contemporary music to a yoga class.

This remix of “Closer” from Kings of Leon is a great example of an atmospheric song that works well with intense Hot Flow movements. 34 more words

Eden Baylee

Are you losing sales because people don't like you?

How do I make you feel?

In most cases, people need to buy into you as their sales person before they will buy from you. They want to know you understand what they want, why they want it and how they want that product delivered. 3,273 more words