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Closing Time

So it’s 2011 and we still haven’t had a Doctor Who story where the Cybermen have really been used in an effective way since 1969.  We had a couple of decades of stomping robots with bad attitudes, and then the Cybusmen, who were at least an attempt to do something interesting, but ended up looking feeble in comparison to the Daleks in… 1,645 more words

Doctor Who

Positioning Refrains

Let me get started by positioning the point at which “Of the Refrain” enters into the discussion. It opens up in the middle of the world that I have just painted using Whitehead’s concepts, a cosmos in which two immanent powers (God & World) enter into communication with each other, a cosmos in which consciousness flickers along and between the feelings that are an expression of the world in flux. 386 more words

Closing Time

Wrapping Up

As the year closes, another one opens. By the end of this year, I am not planning to add more stuff to The Hopeless Autistic… 557 more words

2017 - Present: Civil Rights Crisis

every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

i have stared at this blank screen for a while and have not found a gentle, tender way to share this news.

the whole way health & fitness studio is closing. 201 more words


An Interlude on Gender and the Ancestors

A few months ago, I saw a sticker that said something to the effect of “Gender is Over” and it annoyed me to no end. At the most personal level, I wasn’t preparing to undertake HRT because I thought gender was over. 971 more words

Mohaveh Project

Closing Time

This week I plan to discuss bar closing time etiquette. I’m not going to be discussing the hit Semisonic song by the same name, although knowing me it could really have gone either way. 938 more words

Bar Rules

Scratch night

So tomorrow night in London at the Tristan Bates Theatre, my comedy short, Quitting will be part of a scratch night with 6 other pieces. … 86 more words