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I hear the echoes of the sun’s laughter
as a toast to youth, younger days, we make
and lose ourselves all in fruitless banter
before the falling shadows seize our stake. 78 more words


Closing Time

The phone rings.

Behind the Register: “‘Raccoons and Rosebuds.'”

Customer: “‘Hi, you close at 9 tonight, right?'”

Behind the Register: “‘Yup.'”

Customer: “‘I’m not sure I’ll make it for 9. 101 more words

Presque la fin.

I am sitting in my last class of the semester here at IAU College, finding it impossible to concentrate. I feel a cry somewhere deep in my chest and behind my eyes. 685 more words

Planning a Big Bang event and embracing the chaos

As the school year winds down, there seems to always be a perpetual tug-of-war between wanting to attend every single on-campus event and hiding away in your room until the stress of finals and group projects slowly tears you apart. 480 more words


Closing Time (Semisonic) Song Review (23/04/2015)

Closing Time (Semisonic) Song Review:

Hello Jamie here and I will be reviewing the song, Closing Time by Semisonic. It has a good and slow approach to it, the lyrics can seem repetitive, also it seems to me like the chorus was recorded in a echoey location, if not that, it’s a little quiet. 28 more words


Disgruntled (Last Call for Blues)

I had completely forgotten about writing this poem until I found it a week or so ago stuffed in a drawer in my desk.¬† An evening as seen through the eyes of a bartender whose day could have been better: “Last Call for Blues.” 139 more words