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On February 19th I had developed shallow breathing at work and had to go to the hospital. They found a pulmonary embolism (a blood clot) in my lung. 43 more words

"It'll never happen to me": Preventing Clots in Pregnancy

On 17th November 2015, just into my 10th week of pregnancy, I received the shocking news that I had a Pulmonary Embolism (lung clot). After being diagnosed of a genetic blood disorder, Factor V Leiden, years before I was always slightly higher risk so it should not have been a surprise. 1,178 more words


Clots in the Lung May Be the Cause of Fainting in Some Elderly

When elderly adults suffer a fainting spell, a blood clot in the lungs may be the culprit more often than doctors have realized, a new study suggests. 584 more words

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Echocardiogram Images 

I thought it would be cool to share my final echocardiogram results from my recent hospital stay. I took some video of the echo screen. My cardiologist points out the clot, which is small enough here to allow me to be discharged. 111 more words



On Wednesday October 12, while driving to work, the vision in my left eye slowly began to black out. It seemed as though dark clouds were forming around the center of my view. 616 more words

Coffee in the Morning

Coffee cutter,

clump in throat.

Espresso tumour,

blood is clot.

The brain is dulling,

add some milk.

Curdled foam

sticks to tongue.

Burnt taste buds… 12 more words

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