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Patient education: What's it good for?

I’m a big champion of patient education.  Intuitively, it makes sense that the more informed a patient is, the more engaged they can be in shared decision making with their physician.   1,035 more words

Blood Clots

Nanocapsule with a clot-busting drug can easily target blood clots and remove blockage

Blood clots may form inside small veins causing minor complications or it could form larger clots in deeper veins, leading to serious problems. Clots which arise in the chambers of the heart could travel to brain and lead to a stroke, or it may arise in the arteries of the heart itself causing a heart attack. 339 more words


Inaccuracies hurt thrombosis education

Those of us in thrombosis education labor hard to convey accurate information in a “Dr. Internet” culture where there is much misinformation floating around.  It is understandable that patients may make incorrect assumptions, however it is truly unforgivable when physicians promote medical misinformation. 791 more words

Blood Clots

Dear Mrs. Clinton

Dear Mrs. Clinton,

Welcome to North Carolina for your first visit as a presidential candidate.  I will unfortunately not get to see you–the private fundraising dinner… 1,109 more words


Secondhand smoke increases the risk of stroke by about 30% for nonsmokers even after adjustment for hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease

Elsevier Health Sciences says that nearly 800,000 people in the US suffer a stroke each year. Stroke is responsible for one out of every 19 deaths in the US and it is a leading cause of disability. 185 more words


42% of women treated with uric acid had less disability 3 months after a stroke than women given a placebo

American Heart Association says that forty-two percent of women treated with uric acid had less disability three months after a stroke compared with women given a placebo, report researchers who say that women benefit from uric acid therapy because they generally have less uric acid circulating in their bodies.  136 more words


Cloud-spotting on the way to Frankfurt

You know how clouds look like puffs of happiness when you’re on a plane?

On a flight to Frankfurt from Wroclaw. There is a very big clump of cloud that looks like a clot in heaven. It’s scary and ugly.