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↗︎ DEEP VEIN thrombosis [DVT]

IT is often asymptomatic. It can remain undetected until patient develops symptomatic pulmonary embolus . A clot that blocks the blood supply to the lungs is called a pulmonary embolism, predominantly in the legs. 658 more words

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Protein S

Six months. Twenty six weeks. Half a year since we said goodbye to baby Faith. I have dealt with so many emotions in that time. Not having a reason of death was maybe the hardest thing for me to accept. 742 more words


* Clotting?

To add to my previous post.. I’m noticing a lot more bleeding since I exercised and clotting? I passed one clot that was pretty large.. I wonder why? what does it mean?

Answers to questions... Results and Revelations...

After many blood tests and scans and specialist conversations and procedures, the neurology and cardiology team have worked out what happened inside Shell’s body…

It turns out that the likely reason a clot made its way to Michelle’s brain and caused a stroke was an undiagnosed “Secundum Atrial Septal Defect” which, in layman’s terms is a hole in the heart. 451 more words

The Story

2011 -The year we were ready and excited

Our first anniversary arrived in July 2011 and we were still having a great time and the thought of having a baby still didn’t cross our minds. 607 more words

Chemical Pregnancy

The Great INR Balancing Act

Living with a chronic disease/condition comes with up swings and down swings. Things are good, then not so good. It is a balancing act to stay healthy. 462 more words


Asics GL III x CLOT 'Sand & Lavender' Wide Release

The subtle duo of colourways dubbed ‘Sand & Lavender’ from CLOT released exclusively two months ago. This Saturday, the 5th of March, sees a wider release as select Asics retailers. 88 more words