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American Stroke Month

It’s American Stroke Month. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain is either blocked by a clot or bursts. 89 more words

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Leg Pain & Swelling Leg Pain. Varicose vein disease is a common and often underappreciated cause of leg pain. Varicose veins may be overlooked as a cause of leg pain Varicose vein complications can include: Ulcers Blood clots; Bleeding; People can reduce their risk of varicose veins by exercising, eating a healthy diet, avoiding high heels, elevating the legs and changing their sitting or standing position regularly. 509 more words


Spider Vein Treatment Kansas City

Comprehensive and effective varicose vein treatment – close to home. Get the relief you deserve. To find a vein clinic in Kansas City and schedule an evaluation: Saint Luke’s can help determine the cause of your varicose vein or spider vein symptoms and provide the best treatment options for your leg pain. 461 more words


Varicose Veins Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Taping Use & Methods – Useful information. do you think kinesio tapping can help with varicose veins I did a search for “Kinesio tape + varicose” and Relax & Repair massage services from $5 in Smyrna, TN. 408 more words


Varicose Vein On My Head

Expert Treatment of Varicose Veins & related Vein conditions based on Award Winning research Discover what makes The Whiteley Clinic different Why do veins pop up on the side of the forehead? 524 more words


Varicose Vein Treatment Omaha Ne

Omaha NE Monday Ap 24 17 re Martin Vera Blog VLU Healing. Martin, Your VLU blog is well written, You observed, spot on, that it may take a village to heal a VLU but Dr. 467 more words


Varicose Vein Blood Clot

Varicose veins should be treated as a warning sign of deadly blood clots, study finds. Varicose veins increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) by five times In the normal individual, there is a delicate balance in the blood system governing formation of blood clots.In simplicity, blood clots are a combination of some blood factors which in real life look like “jelly”. 502 more words