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Cloud-spotting on the way to Frankfurt

You know how clouds look like puffs of happiness when you’re on a plane?

On a flight to Frankfurt from Wroclaw. There is a very big clump of cloud that looks like a clot in heaven. It’s scary and ugly.


Venous thromboembolism

The risk of venous thromboembolism in cancer patients does not disappear with cure or remission.

In Writing

The Dangerous Dichotomy of Birth Control Pills

From GreenMedInfo, by Holly Grigg-Spall, Jun 2015

Blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks: the serious negative side effects of hormonal contraceptives are undeniable. 

Last month saw the release of a new study that makes the connection, not for the first time, between newer… 328 more words


A Visit to the Retinal Specialist

I accompanied my husband to Dr. Higgins’ office. There my husband had a series of tests including a fluorescein angiogram. They injected him with a substance that would course through his veins and show the veins in the eye clearly. 85 more words


A blood clot in an abdominal vein may be indicator of undiagnosed cancer

American Society of Hematology says that a blood clot in an abdominal vein may be an indicator of undiagnosed cancer, new research suggests. The study also suggests that these clots predict poorer survival in patients with liver and pancreatic cancer.  266 more words


Further evidence of the mental health impact of VTE

Research announced today from the EuroHeartCare 2015 conference provides further evidence of the emotional impact of blood clots (VTE)  

The research is the first to review the mental health prognosis of young people with VTE. 131 more words



Globe: the earth. Shaped by the hands, in the shape that hands make, it lives. The conception comes from shaping a clot of clay to make a pot. 30 more words