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Cloth Diapering the Frugal Way

If any of you know me outside of the blogosphere, you know that I am just a little crunchy (and getting more crunchy every day). However, I like saving money while I’m saving the planet. 362 more words


Minimalism Series Part 1: Bedrooms

My husband, C, and I have a pretty good dialogue

Do we really need this?


Maybe we will use it…


Ok, so that may not be the best example but it is an example! 859 more words


The Bare Essentials for Cloth Diapering

Today marks day 3 of cloth diapering.

Zach and I decided to hold off on cloth diapering for two reasons:
a. We were given so many disposable diapers that we decided to use some of them. 894 more words

Cloth Diaper

#TutorialTuesday: DIY Laundry Detergent

Obviously we made this tutorial months ago (when I was FAR less pregnant) and we just never posted it! The fatigue is real y’all!! Watching this now I long for the days of high(er) energy first trimester glowiness! 150 more words

How To

The Beginning

Well, guess I should start off by telling you a little about me and my 5 little men, so here goes… :mrgreen: …I am a wife (of 19 years) to my junior high school sweetheart, and a crazy supporter of breastfeeding (and for those of you out there that think I should have a blanket or go to the bathroom, I’d like you to go the the bathroom cover your head and never come out) breastfeeding is what nature intended and is the best thing for babies, toddler and gasp according to the WHO children up to 5 years old, and I love cloth diapers (yep I said it it) I love, love, love fluff and I used to make my own super cute diapers, I believe education should fall to the parents and children should not be institutionalized and individualism taken away, every child is different, that being said you might have guessed I homeschool (I take a very relaxed in schooling approach to everything but reading and math) children are naturally curious and want to learn. 124 more words

Cloth Diapering

Sprouts, sweater dresses and growing old

I would marry brussels sprouts if I could. I could eat them day and night♥ This was two large sweet onions sauteed in coconut oil, mixed with the sprouts and served over mashed potatoes. 121 more words

I Helped Someone Today on my Blog!

Today someone I don’t know found my blog using search terms and my cloth diapering mold and mildew article helped them out! I am so happy! 32 more words

Thankful And Grateful