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Cloth Diapering Experience

Why is this my first blog post?

When I first heard about cloth diapers while I was pregnant, like a crazy never-had-a-baby-before-but-want-to-be-ready-all-the-time-mom, I was researching like crazy  about cloth diapers. 570 more words

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Ammonia Build-Up in Cloth Diapers

The last few months have posed the biggest challenge to my zero-wasting efforts yet: dealing with ammonia build-up in cloth diapers. The diapers had been smelling ammonia-ish for a while, but one day a chemical burn diaper rash appeared on my babe. 673 more words


Cloth diaper laundry update

A few months ago, I ran out of cloth diapering detergent. The Bum Genius detergent that I had been using the past two years jumped in price from $15 to $40. 493 more words

Cloth Diapering

All About Cloth

I recently attending a cloth diapering class at Buddha Baby- a local San Diego baby boutique. I walked into the store and felt instantly greeted by the abundance of all things baby. 440 more words

Day 5: My Favorite Flat Diaper Folds

Hello! I have made it to Day 5 of the flats and handwashing challenge! The topic for today is how I make flat diapers work. I have experimented with all kinds of folds and they are all great, but I do have some favorites.  714 more words

Cloth Diapering

Day 4: My Handwashing Routine

Today marks the halfway point of DDL‘s flats and handwashing challenge! By this point, most participants have a somewhat established routine. Up until today I have handwashed 3 small loads of dirty diapers and I have found it to be pretty easy and simple. 827 more words

Cloth Diapering

Flats and Handwashing Challenge-Day 2: 7 Stash Shots

Today is day numero dos of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge and I will be taking about my diaper stash and how much it costs. Well, maybe I should say my diaper stashes! 556 more words

Cloth Diapering