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Cloth Diapering- 9 months in

Before we found out we were expecting a baby, making decisions about diapers was not something I ever thought I would need to do. I knew a baby would need to wear diapers, obviously, but I never really realized we had choices. 798 more words


My Diaper Stash

What’s in My Cloth Diapering Bin
  • What: Cloth diaper collection
  • Why: What I actually use
  • Where: Secondhand, for the most part
  • 726 more words

Diaper Origami

Folding a Prefold Cloth Diaper

  • What: Methods on folding prefold diaper inserts
  • Why: They don’t come with directions
  • Where: On the changing table, on your baby, or anywhere you find a flat surface
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All I Want For Christmas

Dear family and friends,

I know you think it’s silly: the whole cloth diaper thing. You roll your eyes when I gush about how excited I am that my “fluff mail” has arrived. 481 more words

Cloth Diapers

Which Cloth Diapers Are Best?

The Pros and Cons of Cloth Diaper Types
  • What: Cloth Diaper Choices
  • Why: Decide what works best for you
  • Where: Amazon, online, or in store
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Velcro vs. Snaps

The Lowdown on Fastening Cloth Diaper Covers
  • What: Cloth Diaper Fasteners
  • Why: Everyone has a preference
  • Where: Most cloth diapers
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Why I Love Cloth Diapers

My Love Affair with Fluff
  • What: Cloth diapers
  • Why: Save the earth, save money. and reduce blowouts
  • Where: Online or in stores
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