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The 411 on Cloth Diapers

I’m just going to be completely frank here and say that we have a love/hate relationship with our cloth diapers. The things we love about them include: not having to go to the store to get diapers, no diaper rash (J has had one diaper rash his whole life and it was while on vacation, using disposables), the super cute prints, and the minimal impact on our beautiful mother earth! 602 more words


Fluffy Bottoms

Over 92% of all single-use diapers end up in a landfill. [source]

I am a proud mama. I babywear. I breastfeed. I make organic baby food.

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Flats review: Bebe Bottom Lite

A new addition to my collection of flats: bb lite newborn

I received my bb lite newborns from Bebe bottom by melxhake and tried them out yesterday. 507 more words

Cloth Diapering

HF review: SnuggleBunz versions 2.0 and beyond

I wrote a previous review about the version 1 SBz nappy before.

This review is a comparison between the version 1 nappy and the version 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 nappies. 720 more words

Cloth Diapering


When I first came across modern cloth diapers, probably while scrolling Facebook, I was admittedly skeptical. But after I read up on why you should choose cloth… 1,154 more words

Cloth Diapering

Learning curves...cloth diapers

I recently had baby #2. It’s amazing how many things I’ve done differently with this one vs my first! Only 3 years later and I’ve got a totally different view on taking care of a newborn, how to handle things etc.! 844 more words

Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering: On the Go

When people find out we cloth diaper, it is almost always followed up by “All the time?  Even when you aren’t home?!”  The answer to that is: of course!   416 more words