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Why I Wish I’d Gotten My Bidet Sooner

The idea I had in my mind for 9 months of bringing our new baby, Lilli, home for the first time was rose- tinted. For some reason my pregnant, nesting brain focused on cleanliness. 1,093 more words


Grovia Reusable Training Pants

Alternatives to Pull Up Pants
  • What: GroVia My Choice Cloth Trainer
  • When: Potty training
  • Why: Resuable, absorbent, adjustable fit
  • Where: Amazon
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Diapering, is a big part of caring for your babies. It also has an interesting history to it. Everybody agrees that cloth is where it all started from. 1,983 more words


7 Reasons You’ll LOVE Cloth Diapering

(and 3 Things You’ll Hate About It!)

I’ve clearly become obsessed with cloth diapers. I wonder why I never considered them for my oldest two! If you’re having a hard time deciding between cloth and disposables, these reasons may help you make up your mind! 1,279 more words

Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering Twins Made Easy

I’m not really sure how I became attached to the idea of cloth diapering or when. I just remember early on, even before TTC, I had a discussion with Brad about how I wanted to cloth diaper. 1,672 more words


Gerber Prefolds Review

I’ve been on the receiving end of reviews in my work as a hotel clerk and I’ve also often been the customer that relies on the word of other customers to help me make my purchasing decisions. 477 more words

Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diaper Stash Giveaway!

We’re trying to raise money for a proper (weighted, jointed) stunt doll for our meetings, and we thought that we’d host a giveaway to draw attention our fundraising effort. 117 more words