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Cloth Diaper Review : Butt Talks!

This post is a product review for Butt Talks! ! Hybrid Fitted (HF) Diaper

Name of Owner : Josanne Robles Luistro

Type of Diaper : Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper… 392 more words

Tutorial: Customize the Function of Your Prefold Diapers

During my quest for a simpler cloth diapering routine I found Imagine Baby cotton prefold diapers. I had tried the Osocozy brand and was not impressed with the fit. 429 more words

Cloth Diapering

Why do my cloth diapers smell like ammonia?

I love cloth diapers. I really do. I believe my daughter got through infancy with only a couple of minor diaper rashes because we were using cloth against her bum. 579 more words

Wanted: Cloth Diapering Advice

We had a lovely in-home consultation from a cloth diapering service in our town, but after crunching the numbers ourselves (and not just blindly reading the estimated cost savings in the diaper service pamphlet), we realized that using a service would be quite a bit more expensive than buying disposables. 197 more words

Seeking Advice

Tutorial: Customize the Function of Flour Sack Towels as Cloth Diapers

We have been what I would call “hybrid cloth diaperers” for almost 2 years now. We use disposables when we travel, when kids are sick, when we moved, sometimes at night, and sometimes because family is visiting. 653 more words

Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering: Is It Worth All The Crap?

I really wanted to like cloth diapers. I know there are some moms out there who swear by cloth diapering (yes, only moms are crazy enough to put themselves through the hassle of cleaning their child’s shit rather than throwing it away). 766 more words


Earth Day - Should We Cloth Diaper the Twins? 

Last week, I got this great idea that we should consider cloth diapering. I’ve always been pretty opposed to the idea of spending lots of time scrubbing diapers, considering how limited our time is with twins. 217 more words