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I woke up this morning in a wet spot.  Before you finish that smirk, you should know that the “wet spot” being referred to here was due to the fact that my husband and I are currently bed-sharing with our wee little one, who likes to wee a lot.  847 more words

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Flip System Review

Here is my flip system review based on 3 years of experience.

Reasons I Love Flips

  • Cost. You can buy a flip daypack (2 covers + 6 inserts) for $55 or cheaper at many online retailers.
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Cloth Diapers

Great cloth nappy range available!

For those interested in cloth diapering their baby or toddler, read on! I now have a great range of colours and prints of cloth nappies/diapers available. 202 more words

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Products for your cloth diapers

Here are the products I use for everything cloth diapering:

36 bumGenius all in one pocket cloth diapers (which most resemble bumGenius Stay-Dry 4.0 diapers) 562 more words

Cloth Diapers

Cleaning your cloth diapers

Deep Cleaning

I deep clean my diapers prior to the first use, after baby’s last use, and in between as needed (read: when they stink!). 183 more words

Cloth Diapers

Maternity impressions from the Himalayas

January 2012

After living for some years in India – at least the way I do – the little everyday’s challenges become eventually part of your routine; it is like having to get used to live with some kind of entity you have to deal with – weather you like it or not. 1,195 more words


Never Buy Another Swim Diaper!

No one should ever have to spend any money on a swim diaper. That is if you have cloth diapers.

All you need is your cover. 85 more words