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Using Cloth Diapers: 6 months later. Pros, cons, tips and tricks.

What you can see in the photo above is our small collection of cloth diapers. In fact, it is the collection of our cloth diapers that are now too small for Loulou and will soon cover a smaller baby bum, as they found a new loving home. 1,219 more words

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20 weeks old!

I have to brag, just a little.  Twice this week William has slept really well. Like, only woke up at 2 and 6 to eat. Which was perfect for my week day when I usually wake up at 6. 316 more words

Potty Stuff

So major milestone coming our way! With all this indoors time and some occasional successes for both kids going on the potty I decided to step it a little.  782 more words


The Secret to Cloth Diapering in the Child Care Setting

May working moms want to cloth diaper and they’re completely sold on it, until it comes time to think about childcare. If family will be taking care of baby, then it’s pretty easy to figure out (odds are grandma and grandpa are familiar with cloth diapering and will excited to see the spiffy new diapers out there!), but if you’re looking at a child care facility like the traditional day care, you might have some trouble. 626 more words



Well today was blah. My husband was a butt, and still is. I had to fight with my son to do any school work and all he did was a few math problems. 59 more words

How To Handle Menstrual Cups In Public

If you’re new to menstrual cups, I highly recommend reading this post first:  Menstrual Cups:  A Newbie’s Perspective.

I’ve used menstrual cups for about a year and I would NEVER go back to tampons.   589 more words

Cloth Diapers

Little discoveries Part one - Modern Cloth Diapers

This is for you TGND, I have been planning forever to do a detailed post, but never getting enough time. I saw your comment asking me about them, so here I go, not so much in detail but a good start in any case. 1,311 more words