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7 months with P

What She’s Wearing: Koala Baby Top (here)  Bottoms (here) & Old Navy jellies (similar here)

Clothing Size:  Onesies and Jumpers are about all of the 6 month clothes she can still wear, and  I’m running out of room for her outgrown baby clothes. 425 more words


Camping in Cloth!

I love All-in-2s/AI2s! They are great because you can use a snap-in insert and reuse the cover. The cover(as long as there is no “explosion”) can be reused many times just by simply rinsing or wiping out and adding a new insert. 470 more words

Cloth Diapers

Pottytraining Gives Me Hives

“Me tinky!” Bess brought me a cover adorned with birdhouses, signed the word diaper, and shouted her predicament. She was stinky. At 20 months, she shows many signs of pottytraining readiness. 297 more words

Lessons {of The Mothering Variety}

17 Weeks and Crafts!

As I mentioned several months ago, we haven’t bought anything for Dumplin’ yet. Not a single onesie, toy, or trinket. But our fertility clinic did give us a little parting gift, which consisted of a whole bunch of advertisements, and samples (of baby shampoo, nursing pads, Penaten cream, and a bottle). 350 more words

Pregnancy 2015

29 weeks.

It’s been such a cool experience to feel how movement has changed over the weeks.  I believe I first felt movement around 17 or 18 weeks.  642 more words

Our Cloth diapering supplies

I decided during my pregnancy that I wanted to cloth diaper. I knew that it would be challenging and I promised myself I would give it my best but not sacrifice my own or my family’s sanity trying to do it. 734 more words


Daily Cloth Diaper Bag for Short Trips

Hello, all!

So while the homestead project is cranking away, life continues on, and a big part of that for us is cloth diapering.  Little Man is gradually using the potty more and more (yay!) but he’s still primarily diapered. 1,473 more words