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Why Not Cloth?

Vermont Diaper Drive would like to be able to offer cloth diaper donations as a donation option, and plans to build that into the drive next year. 103 more words

Cloth wipes

Ok.. My final post about cloth nappies. For now anyway!! Choosing cloth nappies meant I naturally chose cloth wipes too, so here’s a little bit about what I do… 393 more words


Cloth Diapering: Simplified

While there is a plethora of information on the web regarding cloth diapering, the endless sea of options can be intimidating to the prospective cloth diaperer. 1,645 more words


Are babies really that expensive?

(This post has been marinating in my draftbox for a while now, but I havent’t gotten around to it because I’ve been occupied with several “matters”, mostly mothering in nature. 1,445 more words

Soaker Knitting Extravaganza and a New Opportunity

Have you ever knit the same pattern twice? How about three times? Four times?

Have you ever knit the same pattern twenty eight times? And still have some in the queue? 344 more words


msbolin is into cloth-diapering

“We are out of diaper again,” the mom tells her husband and he answers with a grimace.  Disposable diaper eats up so much of an average-earning family’s grocery budget.   232 more words


Hung out to dry

There are many things that are different here and one of them is the process of doing our laundry.  Six people create a lot of laundry, especially when one of the six spits up a lot and uses cloth diapers.   358 more words

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