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3ds Max Irregular Objects With MassFX Tutorial

3ds Max Irregular Objects With MassFX Tutorial

In this 3dsmax tutorial I show you how to get great simulations using irregular objects. I will show you how to get accurate simulations using concave geometry. 111 more words


3ds Max Cloth Simulation Tutorial

3ds Max Cloth Simulation Tutorial Using MassFX

In this 3ds max tutorial I show you how to do cloth simulations using MassFX. In this tutorial you will learn how to apply a basic mCloth modifier to a plane, and also how to attach your cloth to an animated object using a preserve vertex group. 94 more words


Blender Render!

This is my first blender render!
Yeah, I saw a tutorial and did it. But nevertheless it was cool when the image was rendered! ;) 14 more words


Blender physics, drivers, cloth sim..

I won’t name this one “YF-19” since there was no much around that this week. I just spent it doing some more tutorials on rigging, but I guess showing their result is therapeutical because it makes me feel like I have done some progress in learning this software. 466 more words


How to Make Towels Tutorial Results

Here are the results of yet another informative Blender Guru Tutorial.

This tutorial is short and to the point. It was one of the easiest to follow,  you set up the cloth simulation pretty quick and then work on the textures and materials. 47 more words

3d Art And Animation

3ds Max Tutorial | Cloth Simulation

In this tutorial, we go over some of the basics on cloth animation/simulation in 3ds Max, and see how it ca be used to dramatically showcase your work. 23 more words

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