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What I look forward to in the U.S.

26 October 2016. One day to go! We walk around Rome alternately maudlin and delighted. While we are ready to move on to the next adventure, we will miss many things about this magnificent city. 705 more words

Dry clothes faster (and cheaper!)

The great thing about saving energy is that it saves you money! (Cha-Ching)

One of my favourite dryer tips is to put one or two clean, dry towels in with your wet clothes. 90 more words

Energy Conservation

Attack of the clothes dryer!!!

It’s Labor Day, so what am I doing, I’m cleaning house… Now I’m writing. But what happened during the cleaning will stay with me for a while. 243 more words

Monsoon clothes drying hacks

The monsoon clouds are gathering fast in the sky and so does our dilemma of drying clothes during the porous season. The smiling sun may be a rare sight during this season but that shouldn’t be a reason for you to give crispy dried clothes a miss. 353 more words


His Cup runneth over: 'Temporary' Crosby exhibit in Halifax too popular to close

Sam Girard’s eyes light up behind round, tortoise-shell glasses as he points to one of the many black puck marks on Sidney Crosby‘s dented family dryer. 538 more words


Hackaday Prize Entry: Dave Thomas' Desert Dryer

It seemed utter madness — people living in hot desert climates paying to heat air. At least it seemed that way to before he modified his tumble dryer… 226 more words

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