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Change of Directions: "I Don't Care" Attitudes

Alright people, so I started this off as a blog about fashion and my life and what not but I’ve decided to take it in a completely different direction to address a serious issue that is continuing to happen every day in our society. 554 more words

Clothes = Life

Spotlight: Greg

I am a HUGE fan of men’s clothes. I probably love men’s clothes more than I do women’s and if I could’ve done my slave days at some other retail store, it would Nordstrom’s men’s department. 277 more words

Clothes = Life

Miami vs. Oklahoma

I’ve lived in Miami for my entire life, constantly surrounded by fashion forward people and people who are willing to just try anything (and I mean anything) new. 310 more words

Clothes = Life

Throwin' It Back (not just for Thursdays)

So this past winter I expected the warm tropical climate to encapsulate my break as I returned home from college and so I packed accordingly. However, I was thrown quite the curveball when I was told that I would be visiting our nation’s capital. 315 more words

Clothes = Life

Women + Clothes = happiness?

So dawns the old age question: what is it with women and clothes? Well ladies, let’s just face it…we ARE our clothes. Women are CONSTANTLY looking for ways to reinvent themselves and what better way to do it than the way you dress? 293 more words

Clothes = Life


A tingle of excitement is running down my spine – first of all because I’m going to Cork for the Jazz weekend – a first – and am headlining at the Rebels Comedy Club tomorrow night and doing the opening spot in the Cork Comedy Club on Saturday night – tres wonderful.  446 more words

So close - so far away

My good friend Tina moved to Italy to study fashion for a year, and we had dinner before she left. It was really nice as expected, and also as expected, before we parted she mentioned that she’d stay in touch. 124 more words