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Grateful For Flush Toilets

Dear family, friends and enthusiastic readers,

Greetings from the Triangle N camp of the O RO Ranch! We’ve lived down many miles of primitive dirt roads with no satellite TV or neighbors for a full year now, and we’re relieved to announce that we are not expecting another baby. 508 more words

Life On The Ranch

Surprise Visitor

A carolina wren showed up at my window bird feeder. I have been trying to capture a photo of a carolina wren in the woods our walking trail goes through, but no luck. 39 more words


25 Acre Laundry Room Remodel

Nearly a year and a half since moving in, the laundry room was one of the last remaining “To Do’s” on our main-floor remodel checklist. For a room that housed the washer, dryer and dog food, it was never a priority. 1,356 more words

Farm Living

The Line

Recently my neighbour asked to borrow my laundry line. But not for laundry. 591 more words


Pegs You Will Pass On To Your Children

I’m smitten with my new stainless steel clothes pegs! This is one product that was even better in real life than I imagined when waiting for them to arrive. 709 more words

Clothes Line

How a Farmgirl got Her Groove Back

It seems a very long time ago that I stood outside on our prairie farm screaming.  I watched the last of the chickens be swooped up and driven away by other farmers who didn’t rent their farms.  288 more words


Waking Up From A Coma In The Future?

I had several dreams last night but unfortunately I can only barely remember part of two dreams because I did not voice record the other dreams that I had when I went to sleep on a couch at first. 1,576 more words

Dream Journal