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The Great Switcheroo

Remember how much simpler it was to get dressed when you had a school uniform? Sure, it didn’t fit properly most of the time, provided zero protection against the weather in any season, and made you look like a twat and feel like a prisoner. 562 more words

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A User Guide for the Conscious Fashion Consumer

A User Guide for the Conscious Fashion Consumer is my fourth and favorite piece in the blog series I wrote for p.h. balanced films. It has some helpful actions steps for being an ethical fashion consumer and lists some incredible tools and resources that are useful in deciding what brands to support. 11 more words

Shop your (sister's) closet.

*Nic Note: This is my official 100th post! I’d like to thank anyone and everyone who has read any or all of blog posts #1-99. I appreciate you so, so, much! 900 more words

the wardrobe declutter

I am hosting a clothes swap party/brunch with some girlfriends next Sunday. The idea is to exchange clothing and accessories that we no longer wear (or have never worn) for someone else’s barely-worn (or never-worn) items.   548 more words


Broken Biscuits

We have this thing in my group of girls we call broken biscuits. It’s basically hand-me-downs of clothes, clothes swapping, swap shopping between our group. We check out each others bags before they get taken to the charity shop. 221 more words

Sally's Saturday Swap Shop

A few weeks ago I went to a clothes swap hosted by a lovely old friend from secondary school. Sally is just about to make a long term move to Japan with her husband and so organised a clothes swap as a way of catching up with friends whilst also getting rid of excess clothing. 353 more words