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Comfortable heels

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I wanted to write a short blog post sharing with you how do I choose comfortable heels and how do I make them even more comfortable. 365 more words


Wren the forest spirit

I finally started working on Wren’s (RS Rong) proper outfit. I still have many parts of it left to make, but I wanted to post the progress of it so far. 137 more words


My Marley Skirt

My niece modeling the “Marley” skirt I designed for her.


"Dress For The Job You Want." Bad Examples

In most cases, “dress for the job you want” is generally good advice.  For example you work in the mail room at a company but you want to be a uh…I don’t know, “purchasing associate?”  Whatever dumb title tickles your nuts, I guess. 171 more words


A New Pair Of Pants

There is nothing quite like pulling on 
a crisp new pair of pants. 
Feeling the elastic 
snap against your hip, 
the cold cotton, 
the firm creases from four folds.  77 more words

Backtracking, an apology, and plausible deniability... oh, my...

Let me start off by saying how sorry I am for that last post… not that I think I was entirely wrong, mind you, but because I might have seemed like I was aiming it exclusively at women and I wasn’t. 1,247 more words


Home Decor: Copper

So after working the last two days at a home goods store and spending all afternoon rearranging my living room, I’ve become unconditionally in love with anything copper. 40 more words