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You were born in June light
when the lazy rays of summer are
at their brightest

And the sun beats the backs of men
like Apollo’s stinging whip. 84 more words

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It's Time to Get Fantastical

I am extremely excited for this movie! I love the world of Harry Potter, so getting any further glimpses into that magical world is a treat. 19 more words

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Grammarly: 7 Weird, Rare Words, Illustrated

Here’s just a taste of this enchanting grammarly post:

If you liked the “wabbit” illustration then follow the link below to see more like it:  20 more words

Clothesline Hymns

Check this Out: 10 Killer Chapter Breaks

  • The website helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com has provided an insightful article about how an aspiring author may want to consider breaking up their chapters. Not only is this article easy to read, but it’s short and to the point.
  • 35 more words
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Let Your Heart Be Your Guide. . . .

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.

— William Wordsworth

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The Pull List:4/13/16 — Funk's House of Geekery

Buzz-worthy books of the week Constantine The Hellblazer #11 Haven’t checked in on this book in awhile. Apparently Neron is trying to take over Los Angeles and put a lot of the resident magic users in a funk, Constantine included.

24 more words
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