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A Simple Request

“The world is full of paper.

Write to me.

— Agha Shahid Ali, from “Stationery,” The Half-Inch Himalayas (Wesleyan, 1987)

Clothesline Hymns


“It wasn’t my fault I stayed up reading in the dark when I was supposed to be asleep. Some books just begged to be read, and you couldn’t say no.”

— Lending Light by Rose Christo

Clothesline Hymns

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Cupcakes

* In honor of J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter’s birthdays Nerdist posted this tasty recipe. Chomp your muggle teeth down on these delicious cupcakes. Feast your eyes upon the recipe: 366 more words

Clothesline Hymns

Twitchy: Bookseller offers refunds and apologies to buyers of ‘Go Set a Watchman’

~ Booksellers are offering refunds of the controversial To Kill A Mockingbird sequel. The article can be found on Twitchy.


As a side note, I don’t view this Atticus Finch as the same man you meet in… 310 more words

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Punk Rockin' Authors: A Tote Bag for The Rebel in Us All

* I saw this trendy fun tote and thought, “Gotta share it!” I know it’s on my wishlist. Want to snag one for yourself? Here’s where to grab it: 7 more words

Clothesline Hymns

Brain Pickings: Ralph Steadman’s Rare and Rapturous Illustrations for Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451

In his magnificent 2013 monograph, Proud Too Be Weirrd (public library), Steadman admits to having grown jaded with illustrating other people’s prose — “not much more than shameless self-indulgence” — but writes of having gladly completed the Bradbury project due to its “vitally important theme — the burning of all books.” He reflects on the significance of Bradbury’s masterwork:

113 more words
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