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Bee Serious

When I first moved to Central PA over 20 years ago the honey bee abounded. The little suckers were everywhere and that made sense because Lancaster County is home to the most fertile, unirrigated soil in the country. 52 more words

Bayer Science Corp

Chemical industry killing off honeybees...and the food supply

An influential European scientific body said on Wednesday that a group of pesticides believed to contribute to mass deaths of honeybees is probably more damaging to ecosystems than previously thought and questioned whether the substances had a place in sustainable agriculture. 254 more words

National News

Bee study reopens debate on neonics

Goulson says bees are exposed to sufficient doses of neonicotinoids to reduce nest growth

A bee expert has called into question the basis of the Government’s position on neonicotinoid insecticides, saying the study it cited actually shows the chemicals to be harmful to bumblebees even in minute quantities. 413 more words


Ist die Bayer AG noch bedrohlicher als Monsanto?

Von F. William Engdahl

Neue Untersuchungsergebnisse, welche die Gefährlichkeit der meistverkauften chemischen Insektenvernichtungsmittel der Bayer AG bestätigen, sind mehr als beunruhigend. Die Mittel werden mit dem dramatischen Anstieg des Verschwindens von Bienenvölkern und dem Tod von Singvögeln in Europa und Nordamerika in Verbindung gebracht. 38 more words


USGS study finds waterways have high levels of neonicotinoid in Iowa, Midwest

Nick Fetty | July 24, 2014

A new study by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) finds that waterways in Iowa and other parts of the Midwest are experiencing particularly high levels of an insecticide known as  147 more words


Garden centre flowers test positive for pesticide harmful to bees: study

More than half of samples of flowers bought in Canadian garden centres tested positive for neonicotinoids, a pesticide that many scientists say harms bees.

The recent study done by the environmental group… 374 more words