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Ash colloured leather dye

Bearberry root

Red dye

Bedstraw roots+ highbush cranberry roots


Dandylion root

Dyeing wool yellow

Yellow dock root… 33 more words

Clothing Care

Clothing Care

Clothing Care


To keep your clothing clean, consider these few alternatives to the commercial products. Some are cheaper than commercial some more expensive, however all are effective to some degree.

Clothing Care

How do I care for my me-made clothes when.....?

I apologise beforehand, but this post is not going to be particularly pleasant reading. I’ve wanted to write about this topic for some while, because it is about something that really bothers me on a daily basis. 1,716 more words


Style Suggestions: Clothing Care

I get asked a lot about how to properly care for the goods purchased from Garish Gal. Personally, I am very specific about how I care for the clothing I buy. 426 more words

How to Shine Your Shoes Effectively

Gentlemen whether you live on the East Coast on the seducing beaches of the West Coast, every man needs to know how to properly shine and protect his shoes. 961 more words

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