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Washing Lace Garments

Lace is a very delicate material and can fray very easily, so to prevent this from happening, I recommend hand washing whatever lace garments you have :) I’ve personally machine washed lace and it’s frayed :( Now I know better! 60 more words


Wrinkles Revisited

I recently made a discovery that all women need to know about. It’s a magic product in a bottle called “wrinkle releaser.” Do you wonder what women did before we had products like “wrinkle releaser?” I’ll tell you what we did – we ironed! 599 more words


Simplify Your Wardrobe

I am not a fashionista and can’t keep up with trends. I strive to be comfortable and timelessly chic with a little touch of whatever it is that makes me… 665 more words


Keep the New...New

Details: White Car coat | Black high heel booties | Black leggings | Rose mock neck halter top | Black watch

I can probably guess what the biggest worry in your life right now… Trying to keep that favorite sweater of yours looking brand new. 331 more words





Ash colloured leather dye

Bearberry root

Red dye

Bedstraw roots+ highbush cranberry roots


Dandylion root

Dyeing wool yellow

Yellow dock root… 33 more words

Clothing Care

Clothing Care

Clothing Care


To keep your clothing clean, consider these few alternatives to the commercial products. Some are cheaper than commercial some more expensive, however all are effective to some degree.

Clothing Care