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Care Your Closet

Taking care of your clothes will not only make them last longer, but will also make you look better. Buying new clothes is costly, and at times unnecessary, when you take care of the clothes that you already have. 261 more words

Beauty & Fashion

The Gentleman's Spring Wardrobe Upgrade

It’s pretty obvious that Spring has sprung in most of our areas of living.  This means it’s time to put away your winter wardrobe and bring out your spring style.   895 more words

The Basics

Be Good to Your Shoes!

Anyone who knows me well, knows I LOVE shoes.  My husband and daughter joke that one day while I’m away they will sell them all off and use the money for a trip to Hawaii.   326 more words

2 Quick Ways to Achieve Order in your Closet

As you’re putting winter items away and pulling out your spring clothing, here are two quick tips on the easiest and fastest ways to quickly achieve greater order in your closet: 145 more words

How To Store Clothing During the Off-Season

Despite the cool early morning and evening temperatures of spring, it’s clear warmer temps are around the corner. That means we can put away sweaters and winter coats for good. 826 more words

How to Unshrink Wool Clothes

A few weeks ago, my favorite wool Theory dress accidentally went through a wash and dry cycle with the rest of my laundry. I knew it had shrunk the moment I took it out of the dryer and was devastated! 359 more words

5 Secrets to Keeping Your Garments Beautiful for Life

By: Lisa Saccoia

Finally! You found that perfect dress! It hugs and flares everywhere it’s supposed to. Score! Yet, after a few washes, its lost its luster and you can’t even recognize your once beloved garment. 388 more words