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Which Clothes Hangers Should I Be Using?

This post is sort of following on from my last one: Which Clothes Should I Hang and Which Should Be Folded?, so if you’d like to read that first (or next – you might as well stay to the end if you’re already here) that’s linked up there. 1,694 more words

affordable august: clothing care to prolong wear

After a month of sharing budget-friendly style and beauty content, we’ve come to the final week of Affordable August. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback and support in regards to this series. 876 more words


Let's talk underwear

Bras are a pain really aren’t they.

Let’s be honest, they are uncomfortable, at least they definitely are after 7 or 8 hours of wearing, It’s also one more thing (most) women… 394 more words


The UK based Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) recently released a report, Valuing Our Clothes: The Cost of UK Fashion.  Among the key findings in the report: UK residents have improved their clothing  care habits extending the life of their items. 72 more words

White Wear

Inspired by the ‘all white wear’ rule that tennis players are obliged to adhere to at Wimbledon this week, The Lady’s Maid has picked out her favourite white pieces for summer. 244 more words

Clothing Care

Should You Hand-Wash Your Delicates?

Whether it be a silk shirt or a lace bra, delicate clothing requires a different level of care compared to your everyday clothing. While you may be able to put these into the washing machine a few times, this will only end up ruining them in the long-term, making it important that you understand exactly how they need to be cared for. 438 more words

Oro Gold

Garment Pilling - Why does it happen and how do I stop it?!

If you’ve witnessed those annoying tiny balls on the surface of one of your LULA treasures, you my friend have been a victim of fabric pilling!  1,000 more words