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Jamaica makes my clothes fall off: Ana

Readers who have followed me for a little while know I have a fondness for going NEKKID.  And when you couple that fondness with Jamaican women, well it just doesn’t get much better. 530 more words


Open Door Policy

I can’t decide if one of my biggest flaws is that I trust people too easily or if this is one of my biggest assets.  With staying open to the whole positive vibes thing I have going on here it is easy for people to contact me and then, for some reason they love to try to troll me into something weird. 361 more words

Random Thoughts

Following My Own Path

I have had some really cool fun experiences lately.  Working as a barista I have met some great people, we have an actual typewriter at the coffee shop so I have been writing again, creatively, not just blogging.   416 more words

Random Thoughts

Clothing Optional Review: The Well, Colorado

My friend took me to The Well, aka Dakota Hot Springs, which is about 45 minutes south of Colorado Springs. The Well is a clothing-optional natural hot spring, with magnesium-rich warm water bubbling up into a comfortable pool maintained at 99 degrees. 525 more words


"I Went To A Nude Beach And Loved Every Minute Of It"

One young woman’s transformative experience at a nude beach.

“My experience at a clothing optional beach was life changing. I highly suggest going to a nude beach at some point during your life.”

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Will Americans ever "get out" of the Nudist Colony?

As we near the end of a five week nakation in Europe, I find myself asking the same question I do every year about this time as we prepare to return to our everyday lives in the eastern United States. 1,093 more words


Naked in Thailand? Why YES!

I’ve always thought it a pity that regions of the world with perfect beaches and ideal climates are pretty much out of the running in the category of world class naturist destinations. 693 more words

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