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The Fear of Getting an Erection in Public: Advice for the would be naturist man

If there is one thing that shows the clear demarcation between sexuality and nudism, it is the place of penile erections in the two situations. While impotence or erectile dysfunction is the most dreaded possibility for men when contemplating sexual relations, its opposite – the public boner – is the loathsome fear that keeps many potential nudists from engaging in the activity. 615 more words


Gay Black Nudist Wednesday Quote - 22 Feb. 2017

“Don’t let those who have body negative values define what is and what is not acceptable. Seize your freedom and restore your dignity!” – BodyFreedom.org


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Clothing Optional

Wednesday Quote - 15 Feb. 2017

“If man were meant to be naked, he would have been born naked.” – Oscar Wilde


Wednesday Quote - 8 Feb. 2017

“To be naked is to be oneself.” – John Berger


Wednesday Quote - 1 Feb. 2017

“I wasn’t really naked. I simply didn’t have any clothes on” – Josephine Baker


Seclude! It most certainly is.

Hey! Wouldn’t it be fun to make our way from Cairns to Brisbane by Train? There must be a naturist place half way in between to break-up an otherwise 24 hour journey. 658 more words

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