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The Lost Art Of Clothing Repair

Clothing repair is a lost art, but I don’t mean to suggest that this post will replace all the art that has been lost!  This is just one way that I’ve found to be a satisfactory way to repair clothes. 1,007 more words


Rip, Sew, Return, Repeat

Growing up, I always experimented with clothes, thinking I was going to be a designer, creating all of the newest fads and styles.  I took sewing classes, learned how to embroider designs into handmade purses, and pillows, I practiced my skills at home and ripped up my clothes to start from scratch and build my own creations.   150 more words


Holey Moley

When people know you are a knitter, the believe you can do anything (and we can), including making repairs on tattered favorites. With normal wear and tear, it is expected that items will develop 1 or 2 small holes…easy enough to repair. 87 more words