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Ripped clothes and inexpert sewing

Yesterday I realized the dress I was wearing was coming apart – it had a small hole at a seam that cuts across the chest of the dress. 490 more words

Clothing Repair

Pajama Repair

My friend gave me some of her sons old clothes that he had grown out of. There were these pajamas that are so cute and in great condition except for the feet. 132 more words

Clothing Repair

The Lost Art Of Clothing Repair

Clothing repair is a lost art, but I don’t mean to suggest that this post will replace all the art that has been lost!  This is just one way that I’ve found to be a satisfactory way to repair clothes. 1,007 more words


Rip, Sew, Return, Repeat

Growing up, I always experimented with clothes, thinking I was going to be a designer, creating all of the newest fads and styles.  I took sewing classes, learned how to embroider designs into handmade purses, and pillows, I practiced my skills at home and ripped up my clothes to start from scratch and build my own creations.   150 more words


Holey Moley

When people know you are a knitter, the believe you can do anything (and we can), including making repairs on tattered favorites. With normal wear and tear, it is expected that items will develop 1 or 2 small holes…easy enough to repair. 87 more words