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Timeless Eva Marie [Unique Vintage]

When you’re a bit of a shopaholic, sometimes you have to tow the line and pass over buying something you really want. If you’re lucky you’ll later be pleased you saved your pennies, because your shopping lust for that dress (or lipstick, or pair of shoes) dissipated faster than your attraction to that cute looking dude you saw on the street last week who turned around only to reveal he was sporting a rat’s tail hairstyle. 847 more words


Can't Beat Caterina [Collectif]

If you haven’t checked out Collectif’s lookbook for this season yet then I heartily recommend that you do. Their Autumn/Winter line features so many items that make me feel… 613 more words


A Touch of Jasmine [Collectif]

Let me introduce you all to my new favourite skirt, the Jasmine skirt by Collectif.

This season Jasmine comes in two Abstract Floral prints, blue or burgundy, but I’ve already asked Collectif to please release her in all the plain colours for upcoming seasons to fulfill all my skirty needs and dreams, because I have become wholly and immediately smitten. 644 more words

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Those Venice Nights [Trashy Diva] 

It was only earlier this year that I finally acquired my first Trashy Diva pieces, but in doing so they swiftly became one of my favourite vintage inspired brands. 747 more words

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SecondHands Fashion Shipment #6: August Delights

Hey all, I received my most amazing shipment yet from SHF, and I’m so excited to share this with you! If you remember correctly, I actually receive my shipments in the very beginning of the next month (so in this case, September 2nd), so I was hoping for some wonderful fall attire that I could wear to work! 705 more words

THINX Boyshort Review (XXXL)

Today I’m reviewing the THINX boyshorts in an XXXL. I received these for free in exchange for my honest and comprehensive review. My opinions are not affected by the fact that I received these for free. 1,078 more words


Librarian Fantasies [Miss Candyfloss] 

Y’all. Prepare yourselves, because the Miss Candyfloss Librarian collection releasing this Autumn is alarming levels of perfect. I’m talking. IN. SANE. Unreal. Vintage Autumn countryside wonderfulness. 545 more words

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