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Thoughts on Being 'Extra Large'

Weight has always been a complicated facet of my life. Three years ago, I lost nearly 100 pounds and felt great about myself. Now having gained back 40 of those pounds, I feel that I’ve gained some vital perspective within the newfound inches around my waist. 1,132 more words

Clothes Should Fit You, Not the Other Way Around

Hey all! I know I’ve done several tutorials in a row for the past couple of weeks and I thought it would be nice to write something a bit longer again. 976 more words


Why clothing sizes don't matter.

It’s happened to a lot of us. We go shopping and find something we really love. We pick up our size and rush to the changing room excited to try it on…but it won’t go over the bust. 384 more words

Guest Post Sunday - "Clothes Sizes" by Ella May Garrett

Hello friends,

Sunday means a new Guest Post.  This week I have the pleasure to present a post by a dear blogger and friend, Ella May Garrett. 684 more words

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Just read this, it is an awesome post and address an issue that I am sure bother many women.

Trimmings and Cut-outs

I’ve been quietly working at the nook of my desk lately and it seems that my phone breaks are more frequent.

I knew this had to subside to not distract me from my work, and nonetheless, I did try to fast from social media and the internet during the night (I failed to do so by the way because of work, haha) so I started to listen to current news instead while brainstorming on small-scale experimentations *winks* (I’ll be updating soon on… 1,095 more words


jean complex

Jeans, a staple of the everyday wearer, dress them up, dress them down, the are like the colour black, will go with pretty much everything. 473 more words

Size Doesn't Matter

I went to Target to try on a couple outfits, some that I knew would fit me, some that I wasn’t sure would fit and some that I knew would be too big for me. 764 more words