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'We have a passion for it': specialty stores doing business in Lethbridge

Himalayas Enterprises has been open for more than a year, selling handmade clothing, shoes and jewellery from countries including India, China and Nepal.

“So we (find) many people get surprised to see these clothes because they say, ‘When we were in Hawaii… or Thailand I bought the clothes (like this) there,’ but we bring Thailand and Hawaii to our Lethbridge,” Abi Adhikari, the co-owner of Himalayas Enterprises, said. 312 more words


Ladies Fashion Clothes - Where Great Things Lie

There is bounty that can be offered in the realm of style. Notwithstanding, the greater part of the style development is all based on the configuration and offer of ladies design garments. 395 more words

Clothing Store

Dr. Jaquetta Stevens

Dr. Jaquetta Stevens  


   Dr. Jaquetta Stevens is a clinical research Study with a doctorate in psychology. She is a profound writer, entertainment promoter, successful business owner, Journalist and right’s activist. 288 more words


A Guide to Online Shopping

There are sure things that you have to think about when shopping on the web. The things that you can purchase can go from accomplices to planner garments. 451 more words

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Step by step instructions to Determine If Online Computer Shops Are Really Useful

PCs have possessed such a basic spot in our lives. Individuals likewise anticipate getting these gadgets through more straightforward method for online PC shops as opposed to going by stores. 331 more words

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One Coco

Slang Teez Clothing

Slang Teez, like a lot of the Jamaican brands I’ve found, was on Instagram; I was just scrolling along, maybe hopped on the explore page, and happened to stumble onto them. 143 more words


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Online Clothes Stores Can Save You Bundles of Money

When you choose to purchase the garments you require on the web, you ought to first do your examination and afterward do some correlation shopping. 259 more words

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